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Uttar Maharashtra Arts,Commerce and Science College, Jalgaon, Maharashtra


Uttar Maharashtra Arts,Commerce and Science College, Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Jalgaon, Maharashtra
Maharashtra, India

Uttar Maharashtra Arts,Commerce and Science College, Jalgaon Maharashtra is a recognised institute / college.
Uttar Maharashtra Arts,Commerce and Science College is situated in Jalgaon of Maharashtra state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com.

Media coverage of Uttar Maharashtra Arts,Commerce and Science College, Jalgaon Maharashtra, Maharashtra

NAAC report of Uttar Maharashtra Arts,Commerce and Science College

The Uttar Maharashtra Arts, Commerce and Science College, Jalgaon situated at Jalgaon, is a grant-in-aid commerce college functioning since 1983. From 2001 the courses of Arts have been started. The college has recognition of UGC under 2(f) and 12(B) of 1956 and was affiliated to Pune University initially and from1990 affiliated to North Maharashtra University. College runs 2 UG courses in addition to Ph.D programme in Commerce.

The college requested the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) to assess its courses and NAAC in its turn appointed the following committee to inspect the college.

Dr. P.V. Vaidyanathan Chairman, former Vice-Chancellor,
Annamalai University, Tamilnadu

Prof. A.R. Jani, Member , Department of Physics, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar

Prof. S. Ravichandra Reddy, Member Coordinator , Department of Zoology, Bangalore University

The Team visited the college between 4th and 5th February 2004.

There are 6 permanent faculty, one of whom holds Ph.D degree while the rest possess PG qualifications. 10 teachers work on CHB all with PG qualification help to complete the academic programme. There are 13 administrative staff assisting the college administration.

134 students pursue B.Com degree course following an annual pattern and 8 Ph.D degree.

In one acre campus in the heart of the city the academic wings, library and sports facilities are located. The library houses more than 2700 books and functions between 07.30 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs. The library is managed by a temporary employee who holds M.Lib degree.

The college is surrounded by educational institutions, such as girls college and an engineering college. All around one sees only students and such an atmosphere rounds off the personalities of each student due to the facility of interaction with others.

The college was founded by a group of sports persons and as a consequence, stress is laid on sports activities. Judo-Karate training for girls, Yoga classes, Kabaddi and sports activities are specialties in this college. As the play ground available in the campus is limited, the college uses the facilities available else where in the city for providing necessary training to the students.

Numbers of faculty are young and enthusiastic. The principal, a Ph.D holder on commerce is guiding a number of them in their research work. PG courses are yet to be started but the faculties organize a number of seminars regularly. Hostels, reprographic facilities and programme evaluation of teachers by students are lacking.

Criterion I: Curricular Aspects
The Krida Rasik Education Society, Jalgaon started the Uttar Maharashtra College of Commerce in 1983 with affiliation to Pune University with the following aims and objectives:

Impart to the younger generation of the country higher education embodying literary, scientific, commercial, industrial, legal, social and technical training and facilitate management studies and research

Facilitate training of teachers in any of the level of education

Promote activities of various games and sports events to impart skill to conduct coaching campus, organize tournaments from local to national level

Encourage emotional integration, national unity and cultural homogeneity.

In pursuit of these aims, the society started three year B.Com degree course at the time of establishment of the college. Thereafter in 2000, it sought permission to start BA and B.Sc degree courses and after its approval by the North Maharashtra University, it renamed the college as Uttar Maharashtra Arts, Commerce and Science College, Jalgaon. Though the University has granted the Science degree course, currently the college is offering only BA and B.Com programme options. The college is affiliated to North Maharashtra University and hence follows the syllabus prescribed by the University. In the B.Com degree the college is offering Banking and Marketing as special subjects in addition to Hindi, Marathi and English as languages. In the BA degree, the college is offering Politics, Geography, Economics, Psychology, History and Defense study as general courses. During the second year of B.Com, in the absence of a special subject, the student with the approval of the University may seek admission in another college. Similarly, students from other colleges seeking the said two special subjects may join this college. Other than this, non-core options are not available and the horizontal or vertical mobility of the student is limited.

The University designs the courses, with the result the college does not have any significant role in restructuring or designing the curriculum. The two courses are in annual mode. The participation of teachers in syllabus revision committees or workshops is low. With the present affiliation system, the college takes one year to implement a new course. The college has submitted an application to UGC for the grant of vocational courses in Functional English and Tax proceedings and precaution.

Since the college is meant for providing higher education to the economically backward, rural children, it is worthwhile to consider the following:

Providing language facilities to all the students for improving English learning skill.
Providing more programme options both in BA and B.Com degree courses

Criterion II: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
The students are admitted to the UG courses on a first come first serve basis. The academic record of the student is verified and minimum requirement of marks and Government norms are followed during the admissions. Since the Management is also running Junior college, preference is given to the students coming from their junior college.

The students after admission are continuously exposed to curricular and extracurricular activities. These include classroom lectures, practical component in commerce subject, home assignments, seminars, group discussions, study tours and visits to Industrial centers such as MIDC/milk federation, cooperative and nationalized banks, Panchasheel paper mill at Bambhori and District Deputy Registrar of Cooperative societies. For practical work, the computer facilities available at the Management's sister Institute of Management and Research are used. In the final year of B.Com course, students are involved in Project work. Teachers monitor the students in completing the project work.

Bridge courses are not available in the college. However, in subjects like English, Commerce, and few arts subjects, teachers claim providing additional coaching to the needy students on Sundays and holidays.

The unit cost of education for undergraduate course for the year 2001-2002 has been Rs. 24,345/- (including salary component).

Teaching in both the UG courses is carried out in accordance with the teaching plan prepared by the teachers at the commencement of every session. Whenever required, teachers engage extra lectures either after regular classes or on holidays to complete the syllabus well before the commencement of term end examinations. Principal reviews the coverage of syllabus by the teachers. The teachers follow conventional lecture method. Besides, in Geography, and Psychology subjects teachers use teaching aids such as models, charts, and maps. During 2002-2003, the college has had 210 working days and 180 teaching days.

The teachers are recruited through a duly constituted committee according to the rules of University and Government. The Principal and the management can appoint temporary teachers purely on adhoc basis or contributory staff on clock-hour basis. The management bears the expenses of salaries of such teachers. The teaching faculty of college at present includes 6 permanent and 10 clock-hour basis teachers. The teachers are qualified. Number of administrative staff members is 13 (8 permanent and 5 no grant basis) with the result; the ratio of 16:13 between the teachers and non-teaching staff is rather high.

The college encourages the teachers to participate in refresher and orientation courses, seminars and workshops. As a result, many teachers have been from time to time participating in workshops, seminars, refresher and orientation courses conducted by North Maharashtra University of Jalgaon or other Universities in Maharashtra and neighbouring states.

Due to affiliating regulations of North Maharashtra University, the college cannot introduce any innovative evaluation procedures. The college conducts tutorials, tests, mid-term and term end examinations. The success rate of B.Com degree students during 2002-2003 is 50 %. In the past, the college has procured ranks in the Commerce subject.

The college follows the self-appraisal method of teachers as per the format and requirement of Maharashtra Government. The teachers evaluate their own performance on the strength of the actual work done by them. Principal then signs these forms. There is no formal evaluation method of teachers by the wards.

Criterion III: Research, Consultancy and Extension
The college offers only undergraduate programme and majority of the permanent and clock hour basis teachers are providing thrust to teaching than research. As a result the college is less sensitized to research. Of the six permanent teachers, one has Ph.D, four have PG degree in commerce and one has PG degree in MA. Similarly, the clock hour teachers have only PG degree in Arts faculty. Principal of the college who has a Ph.D degree is a recognized guide of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. He has guided seven students for Ph.D degree of whom two have carried out the work in this college. The college encourages the teachers to go in for research work. Some of the teachers of the college have been making efforts to register for Ph.D of North Maharashtra University. Presently there is no on going research project with the college. As a result, the college is not providing consultancy services both at the honorary and at payment level.

The college with a view to help the poor and backward people and to enable the students to develop social responsibilities carries out extension work. The NSS unit of the college is active and one teacher has been given the additional charge of the NSS. In addition, few other teachers of the college have been providing support to NSS unit by their involvement in the NSS programmes. The NSS unit has been permitted to enroll 100 students. The students continue for two years and attend a special Winter Camp for 10 days. Students who complete the winter camp and 2 years are eligible for 10 grace marks. During 2002-2003, the NSS unit of the college has undertaken a number of community activities like:

AIDS awareness programme

Blood donation camp

Environmental awareness

One day camp on psychological counseling for needy students of the college and public carried out by the Psychology teacher of the college

Celebration of Wildlife week

Campus cleaning activity.

Some of the NSS students have attended Republic Day Parade selection camps, while the NSS programme officers have attended the orientation and refresher courses in NSS.

Criterion IV: Infrastructure and Learning Resources
The college has recently started functioning in a newly constructed building having campus area of one acre of land. It is situated in the center of city surrounded by other academic institutes. This facility is shared by Junior College in noon shift as well as Senior College in the morning shift. This spacious building is a three storied one with built up area of about 52,500 sq.ft. The administrative office and its staff are common for both the shifts. The college possesses basic physical facilities to offer its academic programmes and administrative functions efficiently. In this new premise, the college has kept provision of parking facility for vehicles.

The college has central library facility with a reading room for students and study space for staff. There are about 2750 books in the library along with some magazines and newspapers. There exists satisfactory sports facilities, canteen, computer laboratory, health club in gymkhana. All these facilities are also used by the students of other academic organizations in the complex which are run by the same management. The drinking water to the students is supplied through water-purifiers. The teaching-aids like audio-video facilities, over head projectors, and charts are available in the college.

The college has allotted some space for ladies common room. All the available facilities are established with easy access to all its constituencies. The growth of the infrastructure keeps pace moderately with the academic developments in the college. The college is maintained well and there appears optimum utilization of its available infrastructure. However, the Peer Team would like to suggest that college needs to strive for setting health centre, photocopying facilities, hostel facilities for boys and girls, enriched commerce laboratory and a centre for the preparation of competitive examination.

Criterion V: Student Support and Progression
It is observed that on the strong side the college has been providing commerce education since its inception to the under privileged sections of the society. The college has strived a lot to enhance the performance of the students through systematic coaching and personal care. The full support provided to the students to participate in sport activities (indoor and outdoor) is most commendable feature of the college and as a result there are several achievements earned by this college in this area, particularly in KABADDI.

The college publishes regularly its prospectus in Marathi and English. This gives necessary guidance to students about admission, completion requirements for ongoing academic programmes, fee structure, financial aid and possible support services. The college still requires offering competent academic counseling and placement services to the students. Recently the college has initiated collecting students feed back. But this feed back needs to be analyzed with effective mechanism for quality enhancement. The eligible students receive respective financial aids from Government as per rule. The college may ponder over this point seriously to generate and mobilize other resources so that financial assistance could be distributed fairly to needy students. The college also can start planning for providing higher education in the same institute after graduation. One of the girl students has already secured admission to MBA programme in Harvard University of U.S.A. The alumni association is yet to be formalized with its constitution and action plans. Other required support and facilities are made available by other nearby colleges for all-round progress of the students.

Criterion VI: Organization and Management
The managing committee of Krida Rasik Education Society is a registered trust under respective act. The executive council of this society controls, finances and approves the development and expansion plans of the college. There is a local management committee to look after the daily affairs in the college. The college is found to work through participatory management with due transparency. This is done through the various committees in the college for smooth functioning. Still college can adopt a suitable mechanism to check the work efficiencies of its employees.

The academic and administrative planning of the college moves hand in hand. Hence unwanted incidents are not taking place in the college. However, to increase the efficiencies of the college at all levels it is desirable that the authorities apply advanced management techniques and technologies in decision making. The college employees avail the benefits of certain welfare schemes through other credit societies.

The college needs to formalize grievance redressal mechanisms at all levels of functioning. There is a practice of keeping suggestion box for redressing the student grievances. The budget of the college is judiciously prepared and its effective implantation is observed. The auditing procedures are regular and standardized.

All the academic programmes in the college are being run as per rules and regulation of North Maharashtra University as well as time to time directions of Maharashtra State Government. Still, college may strive more for the effective resource mobilization and management strategies.

Criterion VII: Healthy Practices
The Peer Team observed that the following healthy practices are being adopted by the college.

Part time employment of students.

Industrial visits.

Encouragement to students in sports activities.

Faculty desire to do Ph.D.

Many students are taking up part time work after college hours for their livelihood. This provides a feel of confidence in them.

Commerce students visit nearby industries during their vacations. This gives them practical training in marketing, accountancy and management.

Students are given training in Kabaddi and they have many laurels in this game. A good gymnasium provides them ample opportunity to build their stamina.

The young teachers are enthusiastic in furthering their qualifications. The college management can think of providing them opportunities to do Ph.D.

Section III: Overall Analysis
The Peer Team visited the academic departments, library and sports facilities, interacted with the management, principal faculty, non-teaching staff, students, parents and alumni and perused through the relevant documents to validate the facts mentioned in the S.S.R.

The Team feels that the following points are commendable

Encouragement in sports activities.

Industrial visits.

Earn while you learn facility.

Young and energetic faculty.

The Team, however desire that the college gives special attention to the following points of concern.

Provision of hostels, reprographic facility and a language laboratory.

Performance evaluation of teachers by the students on a regular basis.

Introduction of PG courses.

Establishment of NCC unit.

Establishment of alumni association.

The Peer Team appreciates the efforts taken by the management, principal, faculty and others in making the visit of NAAC Peer Team smooth and systematic. The team thanks all the persons concerned and wishes the college all success in their future endeavors.

Dr. P.V. Vaidyanathan

Prof. A.R. Jani

Prof. S. Ravichandra Reddy
(Member and Coordinator)

Dr. G.M. Talhar

Summary: Uttar Maharashtra Arts,Commerce and Science College, Jalgaon Maharashtra website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.