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Mahila Mahavidhylaya, Amravati, Maharashtra


Mahila Mahavidhylaya, Amravati, Maharashtra
Address:Jog Chowk
Maharashtra, India

Mahila Mahavidhylaya, Amravati Maharashtra is a recognised institute / college.
Mahila Mahavidhylaya is situated in Amravati of Maharashtra state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com.

Media coverage of Mahila Mahavidhylaya, Amravati Maharashtra, Maharashtra

NAAC report of Mahila Mahavidhylaya

Mahila Mahavidyalya which was established in 1965 is located at Amravati and run by Nootan Vidarbha Shikshan Mandal. Nootan Shikshan Mandal, Amravati was established 1924 with setting up of New High School. The mandal runs two other High Schools and four Junior Colleges. Realising the need for higher education for women, the Mandal started Mahila Mahavidyalaya in the year 1965. Initially the college was only an Arts College but subsequently commerce and Post Graduate sourses were added.

The college is affiliated to the University of Amravati. It was recognized by UGC under 2f in 1985. The college has two faculties namely Arts and Commerce at U.G. level. It also has P.G. courses in Home Economics and Music. Subjects taught at U.G. level are English, Marathi, Home Economics, History, Sanskrit, Geography, Economics, Political Science, Music and Early Childhood Care and Development. The computer literacy center located on the campus offers seven short-term courses in computers. There are Sixteen permanent teachers and 37 part time teachers.

The college volunteered to be assessed and accredited by NAAC and submitted its self-study report on 16/7/2003. A peer team consisting of Prof. A.P. Padhi, former Vice Chancellor of Berhampur University as chairman, Prof. P. Subhash, former Principal, Government College Khamam, Andhra Pradesh as member and Dr. R.V. Joshi, Vice-Principal, S.P.Chougule College, Goa as member-Coordinator, visited the college on 6th and 7th February 2004. The peer team analysed the self-study report, perused various documents, visited the Departments and support services. They also interacted with Management, principal, faculty, non-teaching staff, students, parents and Alumni. Based on these interactions the peer team prepared the report under seven criteria as laid down by NAAC which is presented here. The commendable features and matters of concern have been highlighted in the report.

The college offers courses in B.A. and B.com. Further it also offers self finance M.A. in Home Economics and Music on self-financing basis. At B.A. level college offers wide choice of ten different subjects. As the college affiliated to Amravati University, it is guided by the syllabi and methods of evaluation prescribed by the University from time to time. However, a few teachers have been members of Board of studies in different disciplines and the head of the Department of political science is a member of the Executive council of the university. The college has been introducing new courses once the university approval is available. Recently the college has introduced a new course on Early Childhood Care and Development under U.G.C's. first degree vocationalisation programme. This is the first and the only college to introduce this course in the. There is good response from the students for this new course.

Department of Home-Economics and Music offer career building to options to girl students. College has also been making special efforts to give a career focus to different disciplines besides training students for competitive examinations. In keeping with the goal of educating in community orientation the college conducts various extra-curricular programmes. These programmes help students to improve their talent besides, instilling a sense of competition and cooperation. Needless to mention that these activities also preserve the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra in general and of the region in particular.

The college has also been conducting short-term courses in skills like making soft toys, artificial flowers making, paper bags and file which encourage girl-students to take up self-employment.

The college admits students to various courses of study in accordance with the policy of the Govt. of Maharashtra and the regulations framed by the university. Academic record being their basis of selection there is transparency in the admission process. Students however, are called at the time of admission who come along with their parents. (Entrance examination is yet to be introduced for the purpose of admission). Though there is no provision for bridge courses or remedial courses special attention is paid by the college for the educationally disadvantaged group of students by way of extra-written assignments which are duly corrected by teachers for their benefit. Advance learners are also similarly encouraged with better library facilities provided to them by the college from time to time.

Teaching plans are drawn up by all Departments at the beginning of the academic session which are continuously monitored by the principal. Similarly each Department also prepares evaluation plan for evaluating the performance of students through periodic assignments and tests. Regular seminars are academic exercises of the Departments apart from the regular classroom teaching through which the teachers motive the students to improve their standards. In courses like music, commerce, Home-Economics & Geography where skills development is necessary students are given special training through practical and/or educational field trips to carefully selected places and establishments. Guest lectures are also arranged by the college for the benefit of the students. These guest members also share their experiences with the faculty members of the college. The students of the college are motivated to participate in group discussions and exhibitions.

The use of I.T. both in teaching and the learning is recognised by the college by establishing a computer centre which is training both students and staff. It may be mentioned here that of the 16 permanent faculty members four have obtained Ph.D. degrees while three have obtained M.Phil degrees. There is harmonious relationship between the students and the teachers.

The college is running two courses at the P.G. level Music and Home-economics self- financing basis. Both these courses are academically fruitful, rewarding and socially relevant. With appreciation the team is pleased to find that the college is encouraging faculty members to participate in national and state level seminars. Needless to mention that they are also encouraged to participate in refresher and orientation courses to update their knowledge to provide quality education.

The college in an effort to enhance the quality can explore the possibility tieups with other institutions. Steps are already initiated in this direction by the college and this should lead to the final outcome in the form of MOU. The college is also having a faculty appraisal mechanism for which the teachers are required to fillup the self- appraisal forms for annual evaluation. Deficiencies and short comings and remedial steps are communicated to the teachers at the end of the year for their improvements and remedial steps.

The college is offering two under-graduation programmes and two PG programmes in Home science and Music. Out of 16 permanent lecturers in the college four lecturers are having Ph.D and three lecturers are having M.Phil as additional qualifications. From 37 temporary teachers three are having M.Phil as additional qualifications. From 37 temporary lecturers six are having NET/SET as qualification. It is heartening to note that all the three members in the departments of Commerce are Ph.D holders. In addition to that two have submitted their theses for Ph.D and another 11 actively involved in research. Apart from this 11 teachers have also participated in various national seminars. The number of beneficiaries from various conferences workshops i.e. commerce, Music and Home-Economics are 28. Three Departments on going minor research projects, funded by UGC with an out lay of Rs. 65,000/-.

A special mention may be made to some lecturers taking up training and about 35 rural un-employed women were taught making soft toys and mushroom production which have helped them in securing jobs. The extension activities of the college spread to the fields of community development, social work, health and hygiene awareness, adult education and literacy, medical and blood donation camps, AIDS and environment awareness tree plantation and personal counseling etc.

The N.S.S. of the college is rendering great service in various extension activities through their special camps and regular activities. It need to be mentioned that the college has secured the state level awards. Best N.S.S. unit best N.S.S. Programme officer and best N.S.S. volunteer in the year 2001-02. The college is having other out-reach programmes like population education club, nature and environment club and adult education etc. Students actively participate in programmes like Road safely week organised by R.T.O. and in L.P.G. protection week

In the annual social gatherings the college conducts various competition in Rangoli, dish decoration, flower arrangement, light music, classical music, folk dance, folk music, various games, debate, elocution to enable students to exhibit their talents in games, debates, elocution contests etc. Also distinguished speakers are invited to enlighten students on various topics like 'Time management', 'Personality development, 'Positive attitude', 'Family Management' , 'Spirituality in life' etc.

The various activities of the annual gathering reflects the social cultural heritage of the region and nation. Vedh is another activity the college has taken up for personality development of its wards. In the camp techniques of self-defence and other related things are taken care up. The NCC is also very active in the college with several achievements like two of its cadets being senior under officers in the 4 Maharastra Girls Battalion Amravati in the recent past and four of their cadets participating in national integration camps in the years 2001 & 2002.

The college is located in heart of the Amravati town and has a limited land of 0.75 acres. The premises are also shared with the Junior college. Limitation of space is a big challenge to the growth and development of the college. The management is in the process of acquiring an alternate site for its expansion and development. Ground floor contains principals cabin. Office staff room, library, Home economics computer lab and reading room. The first floor has music hall besides four more halls, three lecture rooms and the department of physical education. Second floor has three classrooms; Geography Lab College premises has a limitation that it has no scope for expansion. However, college is planning a modest augmentation of space in terms of two halls and an auditorium on the terrace.

College involves faculty, students and non-teaching staff to maintain the infrastructure. On 2nd October and 1st January College organises college-cleaning campaign involving all the constituents of the college. The limited space is optimally used by sharing the building with the Junior college.

The college library has an advisory council. College is in the process of computerising the library. Library is open on all working days between 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Total no of books in the library is 20,369. It has facilities like reprography, internet connection and Audio-video cassettes. Library needs to increase the number of journals in different magazines.

College has computer centre which works from 9 P.M to 9 P.M. It is open to students during their free times. College has in all 15 computers. Apart from its technical staff college has a maintenance contract with a local company for the maintenance of computers.

College provides a health facilities in terms of a lady doctor who visits the college twice a week. Dept of physical education is well equipped with first-aid facilities. College also conducts annual health check up of all the students.

Being located on a small piece of land in the heart of city the college has no sports facility. However, college has tried to overcome this difficulty by signing MOU with the well known Hanuman Vyayam Prasark Mandal, which has excellent facilities about variety of sports including swimming. As per university norms 10 marks are given as incentive in the university examinations to the outstanding sports persons. College facilitates sport persons practice and participation in various sporting events. It also provides financial assistance to meet their expenses. Students of the college have shown remarkable achievement in swimming at state inter-university, national and international level.

Though there is no hostel facility, teachers make efforts to get proper accommodation for the girl students coming from near by towns. The college premise is also offered to various banks LIC and M.P.S.C. for conducting various examination.

85% of students appear for final examinations and the drop out rate is 15%. The rate of progression to employment and further study is 40%. Five ex-students of the college have passed U.G.C. (CSIR) (NET) examination and one has passed M.P.S.C examination.

Every year the college publishes its updated prospectus. It contains details relating to academics, library, sports, scholarships, various facilities, aids and assistance provided to students etc. State and Central Government scholarships are available to the girls in different categories. Scholarships and prizes instituted by several prominent citizens of the town are also. Though the college does not have a placement cell they have a career guidance cell, which informs the girls about the various opportunities available. The cell and the also motivates the students to opt for small-scale businesses like purse making, knitting sewing etc. Two of the girls, motivated by the cell and physical director, are employed in the sports quota in Maharashtra Police and CRPF- one in each department. Then 14 girls are appointed by the society in its college and Junior colleges.

The academically deprived students are identified in the beginning of the year and are counseled by teachers to improve their knowledge. For the benefit of the prospective students the admission procedure is mentioned in the prospectus of the college. An admission committee is also constituted of experienced lecturers for counseling and guiding the students to select appropriate subject options.

The college has a registered Alumni association which has been revived, recently after a gap of a few years. Some members of Alumni are very enthusiastic to work for the development of the college. Indoor, outdoor games, cultural programmes, Audio, Video facilities, dance and music competition, and nature debate clubs, wall magazine and essay writing are some of the recreational and leisure time facilities provided by the college to students. The college also publishes its magazine 'SAMIDHA' annually which has won Amravati University's third prize, in the year 2001.

The college has a debate club and number of girls participated and won several prizes. Students have won best debator award at the Amravati university and elocution competition conducted jointly by Amravati and Nagpur university. Wall Magazine facility is provided where small black boards are set up and girls are encouraged to write articles or quotations of great writers, which are appreciated by even university representatives.

Sanskrit Sambhashan classes are conducted by the college for which U.G.C. has provided Rs. 1,00,000/-. Ten batches of students have been benefited by this. This is a remarkable activity where students of other institutions also participate.

The N.C.C. unit of the college is very active and two girls of the college were selected as senior under officers in the 4 Maharashtra Girls N.C.C Batalion, Amravati in recent past and four of the cadets participated in national integration camps in the year years 2001-02 and 2002-2003.

The achievements of the physical education department under the able guidance of Direction of physical education are laudable. College won inter collegiate soft boll championship in 2000-01. One student has won 2nd place in the west zone swmming competion while another student has won a 3rd place in the national inter-university youth festival. Another swimmer from the college has won the title of the fastest swimmer of Amravati University in inter-collegiate competitions. The college won inter-collegiate swimming championship for three consecutive years. The girls have won several positions in the college athletic and several other games and sports activities. Ten students participated in the national Melghat trekking expedition organised by youth hostels association in 2002. Two girls represented Maharashtra in 7-A side National soft-ball championship in Nov-2001 Gold Medal winning team in Junior national soft-ball championship was trained by a student of the college.

A student of the college brought laurels to the college by representing the country in Water Polo held that Macau, (China) in the year 2003. An ex-student of the college crossed English channel in the record time and won prestigous shiva Chatrapati award of Govt. of Maharashtra in the year 2001.

The college is established and run by Nootan Vidarbha Shikshan Mandal, Amravati. It also runs six other institutions along with Mahila Maha Vidyalaya. The college is governed by Board of Management and a local managing committee to look after the progress and development of the college. It is heartening to note that most of the members in the Board of Management are from teaching community. Principal being head of the institution enjoys full authority to monitor the functions of the college. A co-ordination committee is also constituted with the principal, staff and student representatives. There are also several other committees which are constituted to assist the principal for the smooth management of the college.

The working of non-teaching staff is supervised by the principal and office superintendent. The college conducts professional development programmes for non-teaching staff like one day work shops on 'Library Management and office administration'. All the non-teaching staff are encouraged to take training in computer application.

Earlier there was grievance redressal cell but the principal herself used to sort out the grievances of the staff and students. But recently the college has constituted two grievances redressal cells-one for the employees and the other for the students. A suggestion and complaint box is also arranged and the problems of the staff and students are solved and suggestions are implemented if found useful.

There is a well organised salary earners society ( A graded ) functioning for the last 30 years. It provides loan facilities like general loan, emergency loan, fixed deposit loan and housing loans to the permanent staff members of the parent society. All the loan recoveries are made from the salaries directly.

Some of the healthy practices observed by the peer team during its visit are: -

It is to credit of the institution that it has established two different platform sin the college Dhyan Prabodhini nirmiti to develop all round development of the students. Workshop on communication skills, inter personal skills are other activities conducted by the groups.

It is noteworthy that a team of faculty members organises personality development programme during the vacation. This camp focuses on yoga, martial arts, meditation, music and invite lecturers on different topics.

College is also providing pre-marriage counseling to its students.

Programmes in the college specially in the Different Departments of Home-Economics and Music, are making serious efforts to give self-employment orientation to their activities. Students of Home-Economics are encouraged to produce and market dresses and other household articles, Music Department is making efforts to create awareness about career option available to students through music.

N.S.S. unit of the college has been active. The efforts of the college students in raising money and resources to help the victim of natural calamities and the contribution during the kargil war are praiseworthy.

Different subject associations hold workshops and organise field visits relating to their respective disciplines, besides inviting guest lecturers.

All programer in the college are organised with the efforts of the students. Students are involved in planning and organising various programme in the college providing an excellent opportunity to inculcate a sense of team work and responsibility.

In its nearly 39 years of service the college is functioning with the motto that 'If you educate a girl you educate a family'. The college has made significant progress in providing opportunities for higher education and all round development of girl students. The peer team saw many commendable features in the institution.

College enjoys the trust of the community. College has a good reputation among the parents, as they feel very safe to send their wards to the college.

Parents, alumni and students were united in voicing that the institutional culture is a happy blending of discipline and a free friendly relation between students and faculty.

College has committed faculty members who show care and concern towards the institution. They go out of their way to help their students.

It is heartening to note the college has constituted a Sneha Samiti consisting of retired faculty and staff in order to use their experience and expertise in the developmental activities of the college.

College Management largely drawn from academic community and understand the needs of the institution and is making efforts to meet these needs.

The peer team is impressed with the efforts made by the dept of music to raise funds for the college through music programmes conducted by students and faculty of the college.

Lack of space is the hurdle for the institution to realize its full potential. College needs to explore ways of providing more space for its activities. There is also a need to provide sports facilities and gymkhana to involve more students in sporting activities.

Department of Geography is in need of more space, equipments and facilities like dark room. College may consider provisions for making provisions for space for these facilities.

The department of Music also needs more space and better arrangement for practice sessions.

College may consider providing space for students' waiting room with drinking and toilet facilities.

In order to empower the girl students to face the competition a systematic and intensive training in English language and computers needs to be introduced. College could explore the idea of functional English course under the scheme of UGC vocational courses.

In the interaction with the peer team students have suggested additional courses like BBM and post- graduate facilities in more disciplines. Students also suggested English medium section for B.A. and B.Com. Peer team would like the college to consider these suggestions.

College could explore courses, which are self-employment oriented. There is also need to float parallel diploma courses in areas like fashion designing, Jewelry designing and event management, which a student could pursue along with their degree in Arts and Commerce.

Existing carrier guidance cell could be strengthened with a full fledge training facilities for competitive examinations.

Existing health facilities could be extended to include counselling services. Orientation to teachers on counseling skills could make the Astha Scheme very rewarding.

College may consider implementing at the earliest the system of student's evaluation of the teachers on objective and scientific criterion.

Additional inputs to the existing curriculum to enhance the level of understanding may be considered. Extension lecturers may be used as one of the sources for such additional inputs.

Bridge courses for academically weaker students and more challenging work environment for advanced learners need to be explored.

College may establish linkages with other institutions whereever it is possible.

College needs to encourage more faculty members to pursue research. A research committee may be constituted to guide the faculty members in this regard.

Alumni Association may be strengthened and Alumni could be used as a resource to train students in different skills

The peer team acknowledges the efforts made by the college in providing higher education to girl students. Peer team wishes the college all the best in its further endevour. It is also records deep appreciation for the whole hearted cooperation and support and extended to it by the management, Principal, students, staff and faculty members

Prof. A.P. Padhi.

Prof. R.V. Joshi.

Prof. P. Subhash

Dr. Asha V. Deoskar

Place: - Amravati.

Date :- 7.2.2004.

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