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Government College, Sirohi, Rajasthan


Government College, Sirohi, Rajasthan
Address:Palace Road
Sirohi (District Sirohi)
Rajasthan, India
Pin Code : 307001

Government College, Sirohi Rajasthan is a recognised institute / college. Status: Govt..
Principal of Government College, Sirohi Rajasthan is US Meena (Mobile 9961462757).

Government College is situated in Sirohi of Rajasthan state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Sirohi comes under Sirohi Tehsil, Sirohi District.

Contact Person(s) of the Government College, Sirohi Rajasthan is (are): Nodal Officer: Dr. Ajay Shamra (Mobile 9414424078).

email ID(s) is Government College Sirohi Rajasthan

Contact Details of Government College, Sirohi Rajasthan are : +91-2972-231684

VARDHAMAN MAHAVEER OPEN UNIVERSITY, Regional Centre: Government College


Government College, Sirohi Rajasthan runs course(s) in Degree stream(s).

Approval details: Government College is affiliated with Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur (Rajasthan)

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NAAC report of Government College

Section I.
The government college Sirohi volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. The college submitted a self-study report and the council constituted a peer team to validate the claims of the college and report back to the council about the status. The peer team comprises. Dr. S.K.Dhawan (Chairman coordinator) and Prof. Kuldeep Singh (Member). The peer team visited the college from 29th to 30th July 2004 and interacted with the Principal, Faculty members, Non-teaching staff, Students, Members of PTA and alumni of the college. The government maintains the college and the principal holds all the authority to run it as per the guidelines issued by the government within the ambits of the fundamental and other rules.

The college was started in1957 as an Arts and Commerce College but was later on allowed to run Science classes The college is affiliated to Mohan Lal Sukhadia University Udaipur. It was started in also. In the year 1977 students were admitted in M.A. Hindi. In 1984 M.A. in political science was also introduced. Later on MA in some more subjects was introduced. The college is running PG in Chemistry also.

The college is located in a semi urban area and has three campuses located in about 12 hectares of land. The college came under 2f and 12 B in the year 1957.The college runs 4 undergraduate and 6 postgraduate programs. The students are also admitted for PhD in three subjects.

There are 40 teachers in the college out of which 20 hold PhD degree 4 M.Phil and the rest 16 are postgraduate only. The non-teaching staff comprises 27 out of which only three are having some technical qualification. There are 1928 students on roll; 1639 in UG classes and 289 in PG. Dropout rate is very high varying between 20 to 30% in under graduate and about 40 to 50% in postgraduate classes. The unit cost of higher education works out to be Rs.6766/-.

The institution follows annual system of examination. It has the facility of central library; computer center; sports facilities; hostels for boys and girls; canteen and grievance redressing cell. Seven students have qualified NET and SLET examination and two have joined research. The college works for 273 days and teaching is conducted for about 180 days. The library seems to be rich. It has 71196 books; and subscribes for 64 journals and periodical. The college has 5 computers and soon will acquire more. Two research projects have been completed. One teacher has attended an
international seminar and two teachers were resource persons in workshops. The teachers are alive to the need of research and two of them have minor research grant from UGC. The government of Rajas than is the main education provider and so runs a number of institutions. The college got a grant of Rs.15 lac from MP and MLA of the area. This amount was utelised for the construction of an out door stadium.

Section 2 Criterion wise Analysis
Criterion 1 Curricular aspects
The college is affiliated one and runs the courses as designed by the affiliating university. It provides instructions in arts, science and commerce for undergraduate students and M.A. in English; Hindi; Political Science; Sanskrit and History. The college also conducts classes in M.Sc. in Chemistry. The college encourages research and is a recognized center for M.Phil and PhD programs.

The college follows the time frame as per the directions of the parent university. The college provides the flexibility in elective subjects and non-core options as per the provisions of the university rules. There does not seem to be any facility for horizontal mobility in the present scheme. The college has introduced functional Hindi for UG classes during the last
three years.

Some of the faculty members participate in the board of studies and thus contribute towards updating of the curricula.
The college curricula are consistent with the aims and objectives of inspiring the young minds for the national service.
The university has not held any academic audit.

Criterion 2. Teaching Learning and Evaluation
The students are admitted in different courses as per the directions of the government and rules of the affiliating university. As such the admission are made as per the academic attainments of the students in the lower public examination. The college assesses the students through tutorial and class test and extra classes are organized for the weak students. The remedial coaching classes are arranged and the funds for the same are raised from the UGC. The advanced learners are given extra attention and are encouraged to use library. The teachers are not encouraged to prepare teaching plan but the syllabi are unitized according to the teaching schedule through the year. The teachers are encouraged to use modern.
gadgets to supplement the chalk and talk method. The college does not have the facilities to prepare the audio visual and other teaching aids. The college has observed 273 working days while the teaching days were 173. The workload per teacher works out to be 21 periods per week. The college does not have any temporary staff and the permanent teachers
teach all classes. The college brings out prospectus every year. It contains information regarding admission criteria, subject combinations available, academic calendar, fee structure, information regarding various scholarships and fee concessions and information regarding evaluation methods. The teachers are recruited trough Rajasthan Public Service Commission by the government as per the needs of the institution. The college has no authority to appoint any staff. Any short fall in teaching faculty is taken care by the government.

The faculty members seem to be interested in gathering more and more information in the field of their expertise by attending seminars; conferences and workshops. 25 teachers have participated in national level seminars and one teacher presented a paper in an international conference.
The college does not seem to have any method to appraise teachers performance. There is no mechanism to collect feed back from students about their experiences at the campus.

The college does not conduct any refresher courses
One of the teachers has launched a web site to provide extra information about the subject. The college has collaboration with the international agency to carry out studies in the field of paleontology.

One of the teachers was awarded fellowship by Pulitzer Institute of communication studies and research to carry out work on impact of English on Hindi journalism.

Though the college has expertise in Geology yet it has not started any postgraduate program. The members of the peer team feel that the college should plan to introduce the course for the benefit of the students.

The teachers may be encouraged to develop expertise as per the market needs of the area.

Efforts may be made to develop ties with other institutions for research etc.

The college may take up with the university the question of starting some inter disciplinary courses.

The college may explore the possibility of launching faculty improvement programs.

Criterion 3. Research, Consultancy and extension
The college is a recognized center for research. The PG students are encouraged to undertake project work. Two teachers are actively involved in research and have received grant from UGC. The college does not have any expertise to provide consultancy. The extension activities are carried out through NSS and NCC. Additional charge has been given to the teacher in charges. The extension activities include many programs such as Health and Hygiene awareness program, environment awareness, and AIDS awareness, Literacy Mission etc. The college has established a
Women Cell. The teachers are encouraged to participate in various activities and to ensure their participation they are made coordinators. The college also collaborates with NGOs and GOs to carry out various extension activities.

The peer team after having interacted with faculty members feels that
the college has the expertise that can be used to help the neighboring industries and there is a need to establish some liaison with the industries.
The college may plan activities through which community can be helped.

Criterion4. Infrastructure and Learning Resources
The college has sufficient infrastructure to cater to the needs of the present strength of the students. For any future needs the college plans to approach the UGC and the state Government. The college has a good library with about 56thousand books. The library however does not have any facility like Internet, reprographic unit, audio video cassettes etc. The library is not connected with any other library also. The library subscribes for about59 journals and periodicals. The library works for 273 days in the year and is open from 10 to 5pm.

The college does not have any computer facility. The students have not participated in any of the activities at state, regional, national, and international level. The college has hostel facility and 0.5% students are
using this facility.

In the light of the above it is felt that the college should
try to computerize its library at the earliest. The college should try to establish linkage with the leading libraries of the area. The students should be provided access to Internet and other IT related teaching technology.

The college should try to establish central computer center and the students should given training in computer application.

The students should be encouraged to participate in various co curricular activities. The sports and other activities may be encouraged to provide an environment for the all round development of the students.

Criterion5. Student support and Progression
The college has a high rate of dropouts in undergraduate and post graduates classes. There is need to closely watch and bring the number down to single digit. Seven of its students have qualified UGC-CSIR NET and UGE SLET. The students are given financial aid as per government norms. There is no placement cell. The teachers however help the students in selecting the subjects in the beginning of the session. The college does not have any alumni association. The college has provision for indoors, out door games but does not have any lecturer in physical education and such the students have to depend upon outside support. Some of the sports are being looked after by the teachers and they are trying their best to encourage the students to participate in the inter college and inter university competitions. There are clubs to encourage students to participate in various co-curricular activities.

The college may start a placement and counseling cell.

The students should be guided to start their own enterprise.

Alumni association should be started and the meetings be held regularly.
The students may be encouraged to participate in the different activities. there as an urgent need of posting of teachers in the subject of physical education , music English and Commerce etc. The students feel deprived of sports facilities. The peer team feels that efforts be made to organise sports. Coaches should be arranged to train the students in different games. The students should be encouraged to participate in various cultural activities. The college should organise cultural events to bring about over all development of the students.

Parent teachers association should be formed and the meetings be organized regularly.

Criterion 6.Organization and management
It is a government college and it functions as per the rules and regulations of the government. The principal works through various committees. The efficiency of non-teaching staff is judged on the basis of ACR.

College charges fees and funds as per the government rules. The college is allocated a budget by the government to take care of its expenditure. The government meets deficits if any. There is a proper accounting system and regular audits are conducted.

The employees are governed by the government rules. They are extended
loans facilities as per rules. The principal redresses their minor grievances and major grievances are redressed as per govt. rules. The purchases are done as per government rules.

Criterion 7. Healthy Practices
The college administration is alive to the needs and practices of modern management. The internal quality check is maintained by holding tutorials etc. The college has linkage with UNSECO-IGCP and one of the faculty members is working on a project funded by the agency. The college holds extension lectures to impart moral education to its students. The students are encouraged to participate in various social activities. The college houses study center of Vardhman Mahaveer Open University. The college has established a legal advisory cell for the benefit of local rural folks. The college organizes various activities to ensure all round development of the students. The college organizes camps in the slums of the city. The college has plans for expanding its activities and has submitted a plan proposal for
15 lacs to the UGC. The college does not have any canteen.

Section 3
Having gone through all records the self study report and having met the various stake holders . The peer feels that the college is doing very well within the constraints of the system. The commendable points which have emerged are;

*Colleges is doing well in university examinations

*College has a very rich library

*College teachers are engaged in research

*Science Laboratory are well equipped and maintained

*Sports infrastructure, class rooms and other related infrastructure is adequate.
*Discipline among students is praise worthy.

The peer team however feels that the college should make efforts to impart holistic education to the students. Following recommendations are made in this direction.

*Maintenance of campus and construction of boundary wall needs urgent attention

*Teaching and non -teaching staff needs to be posted as per workload requirements of the institution.

*Measures should be taken to check the dropout rate

*Teachers in the department of geography, music, physical education and others should be immediately arranged

*Librarian and other library staff should be arranged priority bases.

*Library should be computerized, Internet facility and linkage with other library should be established

*Library should have the facility of reprographic unit.

*Keeping in view the needs of postgraduates and research students more funds should be provided for procurement of journals.

*Audio Video facilities should be provided in the library.

*Computer center needs latest hard and software.

*Students should be allowed access to the computer facilities

*The college should start need based and market oriented courses for the benefit of the students. The students should be encouraged and guided to start their own enterprise.

The peer team expresses its sincere thanks and gratitude towards the principal staff both teaching and non teaching for their active co-operation and warm hospitality during its visit and wishes that the college should make more progress and valuable contribution in imparting higher education to the sons and daughters of this area.

Summary: Government College, Sirohi Rajasthan website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.