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SD Government College, Beawar, Rajasthan


SD Government College, Beawar, Rajasthan
Beawar (District Ajmer)
Rajasthan, India
Pin Code : 305901

SD Government College, Beawar Rajasthan is a recognised institute / college. SD Government College, Beawar Rajasthan is also known as SD Post Graduate College Beawar, Sanatan Dharm Government College Beawar.
Principal of SD Government College, Beawar Rajasthan is Dr. N. C. Parakh (Mobile 9414279159), Nalini Yadav Harish (Mobile 9414007433, 9950166424).

SD Government College is situated in Beawar of Rajasthan state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Fax # of SD Government College, Beawar Rajasthan is +91-1462-512882.

Contact Person(s) of the SD Government College, Beawar Rajasthan is (are): Nodal Officer Dr. L.C. Heda (Mobile 9460009620 ).

email ID(s) is SD Government College Beawar Rajasthan

Contact Details of SD Government College, Beawar Rajasthan are : Telephone: 01462-224545, +91-1462-224548.

Distance From:
Bus Stand 3Km.
Railway Station 2Km.

College is Study centre of Vardhman Mahavir Open University (VMOU), Kota.

Nodal Officer: DR. SHANKAR LAL CHOUDHARY (Mobile 9414842715)


SD Government College, Beawar Rajasthan runs course(s) in Degree stream(s).
M.Sc. (Chemistry)
M.Sc. (Zoology)
M.Com.(Bus. Admn.)
M.Com. (EAFM)

Approval details: SD Government College is affiliated with Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University (MDSU), Ajmer (Rajasthan)

Profile of SD Government College

Nihal Chand Parakh Principal Mdecular Spectroscopy, Microcwave, Electronics 36 Years
Lal Chand Verma Vice Principal Urban Geography & Pol. Sc. Geography 32 Years
Hanuman Gujarati Vice Principal Research Methods, Social Psychology 30 Years 225671
Pushpa Bhagchandani Chemistry Organic Chemistry 33 Years 223666
Babu Lal Upmanyu History Ancient Indian History and culture 33 Years 224792
Anil Kumar Mishra Geography Agriculture Geog. Urban Geog. 32 Years
Gurudutt Sharma ABST Accountancy and Statistics 31 Years 253240
Brij Mohan Bansal EAFM Eco. Adm. & Fina. Mangement 31 Years 251337
Basanti Lal Sharma Sanskrit Sahitya Shastra 30 Years 223272
Arjun Das Kripalani B. Adm Marketinbg Mangement 31 Years 225215
Murlimanohar Agarwal ABST Accountancy , Costing 28 Years 209927
Narendra Kumar Bijawat Sociology Criminology 25 Years 257505
Anil Kumar Mehta English Modern English Usage 30 Years 225108
Kheem Singh Panwar Geography Water resources Geography 25 Years 224217
Kishna Ram Geography Political Geography 27 Years
Radhey Shyam Agrawal ABST Taxation, Centemprony issues in Accounting 28 Years 250602,
Devdutt Gehlot Pol. Science Pol. Theory & Thought, Int. Relations 23 Years 259308
Dheera Ram Choudhary Economics Indian Economics 23 Years 250585
Madan Lal Sharma History Ancient Indian History and culture 24 Years
Meera Chandawat Sanskrit Kavya Group 27 Years 225483
Shiv Kumari Tiwari Sanskrit Sahitya Shastra 24 Years 224823
Sahdev Dan EAFM Financial Management 25 Years 9414248921
Narendra Singh Anand Hindi Jainism & Hindi Novel 27 Years 9828027318
Prabodh Pareek Geography Industrial and Settle physiical economic 22 Years 223707
Anamisharan Panwar Geography Environment & Urban Geography 24 Years 224575
Vimal Chandra Sharma Geography Agricultiral Geography 24 Years
Lal Chand Heda Chemistry Organic Chemistry 24 Years 224457
Vijay Singh Panwar Zoology Entomology 27 Years 9414239873
Yogendra K. Sharma B. Adm Personal Mgt. & Entrepreneurship 26 Years 253977
Pukhraj Depal History Modern India 22 Years 253064
Jaiprakash Tailor EAFM Eco.Adm. Grp. And HRD 24 Years 253429
Laxminarayan Baldua EAFM Financial management 28 Years 253396
Mohan Lal Joram Maths Algebra, Astronomy 21 Years 225633
Ratan Sharma Sociology Social change 15 Years
Prakash Chander Sethi Physics Microwave Electronics 23 Years 254652
Ramesh Chand Lodha EAFM Eco. Adm. And Eco. Analysis 25 Years 250422
Deen Dayal Pareek Sociology Research Methods, Socio 24 Years 250984
Aruna Gupta Economics Survey Methods 20 Years 224478
Suprateek Pathak Economics Econometrics 18 Years 223670
P. R. Verma ABST Finencial Manegment 23 Years 225494
Jindas Gadia B. Adm Human area 25 Years 253379
Murlidhar Upadhyay Maths Statistics, Astronomy, Relativity 20 Years 242445
Narendra Singh Bhati History Modern Indian History 10 Years
A.D. Motafram Geography Bio. Geography, ----Geography 18 Years 9829146736
Mridula Arya Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry 20 Years 252334
Bindu Tiwari History Modern Indian History 10 Years 252578
Narendra K. Vaishnav Economics Lab.Eco. 10 Years
Deepali Lal Zoology Entomology 16 Years 9828067342
Renuka Music Indian Clasical Music(Vocal) 14 Years
Shashi Gupta Botany Plant Pathology 14 Years
Rashmi Sharma Chemistry Organic Chemistry 15 Years 225792
Nisha Sharma Botany Plant Physiology 14 Years 252163
Rajesh Kumar Zoology Cell Biology 14 Years 256068
Sonraj Mosalpuri Chemistry Analytical Chemistry 13 Years 256976
Surendra Joshi Hindi Modern Poetry 19 Years
Alpana Chaturvedi Pol. Science Indian Political system 10 Years 256732
Neha Mathur Chemistry Organic Chemistry 14 Years 254099
Meenaxi Saxena Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry 13 Years 251160
Rang Lal Suwasia Geography Physical Geog and Traspod Geog. 13 Years 252131
Kamna Sahay Sanskrit Sahitya 12 Years 254929
Bajrang Lal Jat Geography Population & Environmental Geography 13 Years 251627
Ram Chandra Chouhan Physics Micruwave Electronics & Nonliner optio 10 Years
Chandresh Pareek Chemistry Organic Chemistry 10 Years 224534
Dushyant Pareek Chemistry Organic Chemistry 10 Years 225454
Yogendra Saini Geography Water resourse & Ag. Geog., 8 Years 9829559971
Veena Soni Hindi Prose 8 Years
Anita Agarwal Hindi Drama's of Jagdish Chandra Mathur 8 Years
Nalini Pareek English American Literature 18 Years 223707
Mukesh Sharma Sociology Panchati Raj. Rural Sociology 8 Years 251781
Shweta Acharya Chemistry Organic Chemistry 7 Years
Urmila Pareek Hindi Adhunik Kavya 8 Years
Mandroop Deora History Modern Indian History 252520
Rekha Todarwal Botany Plant Ecology 7 Years 258653
Virendra Singh Bhati History Modern Indian History
Neelam Joshi Geography Physical Geog & Human 6 Years
Chandan Singh Geography India, Raj.Regional, Political Geog. 6 Years 256665
Lila Dhar Soni Sociology Concepts, Thinkers 5 Years 9414213135
Snadhya Jaipal Sociology Industrial Sociology 3 Years 250377
Laxmi Kumari Zoology Endacrinology 2 Years
Ashok Kumar Siroya Zoology Entomology 2 Years
Pragya Tak Chemistry Organic Chemistry 2 Years 9829048558
Shema Khan Chemistry Organic Chemistry 3 Years 98280812421
Rajani Sharma History Ancient Indian History 2 Years 251781
Suman Dhaka History Ancient Indian History 2 Years 251470
Girish Singh Pol. Science Indian Govt. & Politics 2 Years
Dheeraj Puri Goswami History Ancient Indian History 2 Years
Kavita Acharya Hindi Upanyas & Kahani 10 Years 9414271982

Library Contact Person: Sh. V. P. Sharma
Approx. No. of Books- 1,02,583
Approx. No. of Magazines - 42

Library Contact Person: Shri A.D.Kripalani
NCC Contact Person: Sh. Suprateek Pathak
Sports Contact Person: Dr. Y.K. Sharma

Media coverage of SD Government College, Beawar Rajasthan, Rajasthan

NAAC report of SD Government College -

Section 1 : Introduction
S.D. Govt. College, Beawar (Ajmer) was established about 100 years ago as a Sanskrit Pathshala. It was raised to a high school in 1926 and to an Inter College in 1929. The College was taken over by the Government of Rajasthan in the year 1955 as an Under-graduate Commerce and Arts College. After one-year under-graduate science courses and post-graduate courses in Economics, Sociology, English, Hindi and Commerce were introduced. The College has remained committed to its original ideal of generating social awareness and personality development of the youth of the region. The College has a sprawling campus spread over about 30 acres of land. The College is affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer. The University Grants Commission recognized the College under 2f and 12B in July, 1955. The College at present offers courses in three faculties, viz., Science, Arts and Commerce. It has 17 academic departments : Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany and Mathematics in the faculty of Science, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics and Music in the faculty of Arts and Accounts & Business Statistics (ABST), Economic Administration & Financial Management (EAFM) and Business Administration(B.Adm) of which 12 departments offer post graduate (MA, M.Sc. M.Com) degree. The College has 85 regular teachers (Male : 59 and Female : 26). It has 2213 students enrolled in the under-graduate programme and 637 students in the post-graduate programme belonging to the state of Rajasthan. The College has been allocated the Rs. 16 Lacs for UG Programme & 13 Lacs for PG (Chemistry, 4; Zoology,4; Geography, 2.5; History, 2.5 Lacs) by the UGC for the Xth Plan Period. The College has been recommended by M.D.S. University, Ajmer as one of its Colleges for the award of “Colleges with potential for Excellence” The cost of education per student is Rs.8054/-.

Prior to the visit, the Peer Team comprising of Professor R.C. Pant (Chairman), Vice-Chancellor, Kumaun University, Nainital; Dr. Raj Kumar (Member) Principal, Maharaja Agarasen Mahavidalya, Jagadhari (Haryana) and Professor Ramesh Kapoor, Chairman, Department of Chemistry and Hon. Dean, College Development Council, Panjab University, Chandigarh, carefully analyzed the self-study report submitted by the College. All documents were carefully scrutinized. The Peer Team interacted with the Principal, Teachers, Parents, Students, Administrative & Technical Staff and the Alumni. Based on these interactions and perusal of the available records, the Peer Team has made an assessment of S.D. Govt. College, Beawar, Ajmer-Rajasthan under the seven criteria laid down by NAAC and prepared the following report.

Section 2 : Criterion-wise Analysis
Criterion I : Curricular Aspects
S.D. Govt. College, Beawar is a co-educational institution providing under-graduate education in Arts, Science and Commerce faculties and post-graduate programmes in 12 subjects viz. Chemistry, Zoology, Geography, History, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Sanskrit, Hindi, M.Com.. ABST, EAFM and Business Administration. The College also offers job oriented PG Diploma in Textile Chemistry. Its faculty is involved with Ph.D. research in Chemistry, Geography, History, Sociology, Hindi, ABST and EAFM. Besides these courses, the College has submitted proposals for starting some inter-disciplinary courses like Bio-technology. The College has been sanctioned three career oriented Add-on courses by the UGC in the Xth Plan, namely, Computer Applications, Industrial Chemistry and Textile Chemistry. As an affiliated College, it has to follow the curricula prescribed by Maharishi Dayanand University, Ajmer. At present a number of its teachers are members of the various academic bodies of the University (Academic Council, Boards of Studies and Faculties). The College requires one year to implement a new course after obtaining approval of the Govt. and University. The College has also applied for a status of potential for excellence and the university has recommended this College for the said status.

Criterion II : Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
The College follows a transparent admission process and in accordance with the guidelines provided by the State Govt. and Maharishi Dayanand University, Ajmer. The past academic performance of the student is applied as a criterion for admission to the next higher class. Meritorious and slow learners are identified and given extra coaching to improve their academic performance. The College faculty makes use of audio-visual and Computer aids to supplement their black-board teaching. Teachers are regularly sent to attend seminars, conferences, symposiums, orientation and refresher courses. It is quite noteworthy that in the last 2 years, 13 of its teachers have participated in International and 28 in National seminars, Conferences or Workshops. The College follows a three-term system and teachers are asked to prepare term-wise teaching plan. The entire teaching is done by regular full-time faculty. The teachers are asked to stay in the College for 40 hours and adhere to the UGC requirement of 180 teaching days in one Calendar year (528 days over the last 3 years = 176). The College has about 287 working days in a year.

Students are evaluated regularly through class-tests, house tests and assignments. A number of students of the College have won top positions in the University examinations. The College teachers are appointed as per UGC norms through Rajasthan Public Service Commission as per the requisition of the Directorate of Higher Education, Rajasthan at Jaipur.

Criterion III : Research, Consultancy and Evaluation
Of the 85 teachers, 42 have Ph.D. degree (49%) and 17 are M.Phil degree holders (20%). The College promotes its teachers to pursue higher education leading to M.Phil and Ph.D. degree. Nine faculty members are also guiding scholars towards Ph.D. degree and 19 research students have obtained Ph.D. degree during the last five years. The College has completed seven research projects in the last 5 years and two minor projects are in progress. The College encourages its teachers to publish their research work in National/International journals. A few teachers are also engaged in consultancy work.

The College is also involved in various extension activities such as community development, health and hygiene awareness, adult education, AIDS awareness, blood donation and awareness on current environmental issues.

Criterion IV : Infrastructure and Learning Resources
The College has sufficient infrastructure, adequate number of classrooms and laboratories in Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany, Geography, Music and Computer Science departments. It has outdoor sports facilities like playgrounds for Hocky, Football, Cricket Basketball & Volly-Ball. A boys hostel with 34 rooms, a community hall, a mess and a guest room are provided by the College. A girls common Room and Canteen for students are provided by the College. The College maintains its infrastructure mainly through Government and University funding and some help is also solicited from private bodies like Lions club, Rotary club and also by the Income Generated by lending its facilities to M.D.S. University, Ajmer for examination purposes. The College has created a “College Development Council” with the approval of the Government which generates funds from students appearing in the university examination @ 50 per student. These funds are utilized for various developmental activities of the College.

An advisory committee monitors the day today working of the College library. It has in its stock 101230 Books and subscribes 42 journals. During the last one year alone the College has managed to upgrade its library by adding 800 text books, 85 reference books and 21 journals at a cost of Rs. 4,60,000/-. The library also provides audio and video cassettes to the students to augment the learning resources .

The College has a central computer centre with 18 computers (Pentium-III). In addition to this Principals office, Academic section and the departments of Chemistry, Geography, Zoology & Physics also have computer facilities.

Criterion V: Students Support and Progression
The College provides all necessary information to its students regarding admission rules, faculty , fee structure , financial schemes and other rules and regulations through the College prospectus which is published annually. Student feedback is obtained at the end of the academic year which is reviewed by the faculty to further improve its teaching programmes. The College also maintains a Women Study Centre which helps train girls for self- employment. The College has created a Placement Cell which guide students towards finding jobs in the private sector. The College has recently built a separate centre “Students Guidance Bureau” which guides and prepares students for various competitive Examinations and self employments. The College conducts extension lecturers on moral education through NSS, NCC and Scouting . The College has 4 units of 100 each (3 men; 1 women) in its NSS cell and is engaged in various social activities in this surrounding areas. All these activities are quite praiseworthy. The health care is entrusted to a honorary Ayurvedic Doctor who visits the College only once a week and one Homeopathic doctor to visits twice a week. The College, however , needs to upgrade the services

Unfortunately, the College has a very high drop out rate of about 30%. This would need immediate attention of the College faculty and management.

Criterion VI: Organisation & Management
This is a Government College and as such follows rules and regulations laid down by the Government and the University. All the 85 sanctioned posts are filled. The College has a coordinating and monitoring committee under the chairmanship of the Head of the Institution.

The College follows the academic calendar of the University and has not seen any need of preparing its own academic calendar. The College maintains personal files of the administrative and technical staff. Different works are assigned to different persons to ensure personal responsibility in carrying out the assigned task. The College organizes computer literacy programs for the staff members and 20% staff members are trained each year.

All class ‘C’ employees of the College are given summer and winter uniforms. The College has employees welfare fund created by staff contribution. Staff members can get financial assistance from this fund in case of emergencies.

An external agency has been appointed by the College to have a feedback for evaluation and improvement. The College has a Discipline committee and a Grievance Redressal Cell. Following the academic calendar of the University by the College is praiseworthy. The College has done well in having its own committees to spell out concrete details, keeping in mind its context and needs. This committees could prepare a unitized teaching schedule, plan co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, arrange timetable for various tests etc.

Student support and Loan against salary schemes are good. However, the College could set aside some more funds for staff welfare. The College has done some efforts to mobilize resources, better organize association of past students, get assistance from society at large and benefit the same society in return but could do more in this area.

Criterion VII: Healthy Practices
*The College appoints various teachers on outside duty in their free periods so that students do not miss their classes either intentionally or by default.

*The College obtains the feed-back from academic peers and potential employers of the region to review and update its academic programmes.

*Each faculty member is asked to fill a self-appraisal proforma and his performance is assessed based on this report and a department of personnel Government of Rajasthan directs the concerned teachers for corrective measures, if any. The College also obtains feed-back for its students about their experiences in the College and uses this feed-back.

*The College has a student advisory center which guide students for competition examinations, employment opportunities and career-oriented programmes.

Other recommendations
*The ambience and the upkeep of the surroundings need immediate attention.

*The College library needs to be computerized and needs further upgradation in terms of availability of more text and reference books

*The College needs to pay more attention to maintain its sports facilities which have greatly suffered during the last 10 years due to the non- availability of a DPE . It is suggested that the College may take the services of interested teachers on part-time basis.

*The College needs to pay more attention to cultural activities and is advised to encourage its students to take part in various youth festivals.

*The College facility especially in the post-graduate departments needs to associate with neighbouring industries for providing consultancy services. The faculty is advised to interact frequently with other post-graduate centres in neighbouring Universities. Post-graduate students should be taken to these centres for exposure. The College should invite more experts for extension lecturers / seminars.

*The Colleges advised to organise National/ State level symposia / seminar on regular basis at the College and experts be invited from other Universities .

*Students had a popular demand to have special non-credit add-on course on spoken / communicative English.

*The girls common room, needs improvement.

*To further augment its financial resources and perform a social role for local youth, the College is advised to introduce/ provide more job-oriented, need-based self-financing , professional courses in the form of certificate or diploma courses along with their regular degree programme.

The members of the Peer Team would like to appreciate the co-operation and warm hospitality it received from the Principal, Faculty, Non-Teaching staff and Students during their visit to the College. The Peer Team wishes the College all the best in its onward march to further progress.

Professor R.C. Pant

Dr. Raj Kumar

Professor R. Kapoor
(Member- Coordinator)

(Dr. N.C. Parakh)

Place: Beawar(Ajmer)
Date: 27-7-2004

Summary: SD Government College, Beawar Rajasthan website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.