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Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan


Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Address: Plot / Street / Area
BMIT Campus, ITS- 3, IT Park, EPIP-Sitapura
Jaipur (District Jaipur)
Rajasthan, India
Pin Code : 302022

Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur Rajasthan is a recognised institute / college. Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur Rajasthan was established on / in 2003.

Principal of Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur Rajasthan is Mr.S.S Dubay, 9414065801.

Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology is situated in Jaipur of Rajasthan state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Jaipur comes under Jaipur Tehsil, Jaipur District.

Fax # of Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur Rajasthan is 0141-2770763, 0141-2771024.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur Rajasthan are Ravinder Choudhary, 9414119002.

email ID(s) is Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology Jaipur Rajasthan

Website of Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur Rajasthan is http://www.bmitjaipur.org/.

Contact Details of Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur Rajasthan are : Telephone: +91-141-2770799
Sh. Pradeep Kumar,94140-65800


Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur Rajasthan runs course(s) in Engineering, Information Technology stream(s).
Electronics and Communication Engineering Information Technology Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering

Approval details: Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology is affiliated with Rajasthan Technical University (RTU), Kota (Rajasthan)

Profile of Bal Dev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology

About BMIT
Baldev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology (BMIT) established in the year 2003 has become one of the most sought after destinations by young budding technocrats. BMIT is ideally situated in the IT Park of the Industrial Zone of Jaipur, city known for its growth and infrastructure. The institute is approved by AICTE and is affiliated to Rajasthan Technical University. The institute provides a four year Bachelor of Engineering degree course in Electronics and communication, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical and Civil streams and a two year MBA course as well.
Some of BMIT Key initiative include:
* It is managed by an NRI having vast technical and managerial exposure garnered from top Indian and US universities and 14 years of workexperience in global giants like IBM corp., Siemens US.
* Major academic tie up with global IT power houses like Microsoft Corp. USA, IBM Inc., Red Hat Inc., Sun Microsystems, ITG and Orcale Corp. providing students an unparalleled advantage of working hands on latest software releases from these companies.
* Fully equipped and functional hostels providing an unmatched homely ambience to its wards. Hostels are geared with all the modern amenities.
BMIT is proud of its dedicated and highly motivated teaching faculty. The institute boasts of its vibrant and full of life campus, its state of the art laboratories, its modern computerized library resourced by thousands of books / journals / technical papers from all walks of life. Its homely hostel equipped with hygienic mess and other amenities. BMIT has a state of the art network connecting its entire premises including all its labs, library, lecture theaters and even hostels.

BMIT takes special pride in its Training and Placement cell. The activities of the cell are managed by a team of dynamic and skilled professionals. The T and P cell has developed an excellent rapport with the leading industries in the relevant fields.

BMITians get a unique advantage of having their vocational trainings at the most prestigious and leading names in the industries. The cell arranges personality development programs, talks and seminars round the year. The T and P cell also has a special student counseling section where a BMITian can freely discuss his problems and apprehensions. The campus recruitments for III Year and Final Year batch has started and geared up in full swing with students getting recruited in Indian and global giants like IBM, L and T Infotech, TCS, Indian Navy, Hexaware, TechMahindra, Oracle, etc.

Some key features of the institute are as under.
* Excellent dedicated Faculty for overall development of the student covering all aspects of his/ her personality.
* State of the art teaching aids and facilities in the laboratories.
* BMIT arranges frequent on campus and off campus interviews of leading global and national giants for its students. Some of the recent mega
campus drives held at BMIT campus included that of Wipro BPO, IBM.
* Excellent infrastructure including State of the art teaching aids and facilities in the laboratories, computerized library.
* Fully equipped and functional hostel premises having clean and hygienic mess and drinking water facilities, Telephone, TV, Laundry, Modern sports complex housing kits and peripheral for a large number of indoor and outdoor games.
* Entire campus is networked for information exchange anywhere anytime.

BMIT envisioned to provide world class quality engineering education and professional training to foster appropriate attitudes and promote research in technology to produce highly competent and versatile professionals who could participate in comprehensive development and growth to build a strong nation and establish itself as Indias leading Institute of Technology.

BMIT envisioned to provide world class quality engineering education and professional training to support society by:

* Giving emphasis on value based education.
* Producing good and progressive technocrats who can contribute in the well being of the society.
* Producing leaders in the field of management and technology who can play vital role in serving the society.

Other Programs
Currently BMIT does not offer one semester international student programs. However, we are planning to set up international programs in association with BMU (Baldev Ram Mirdha University). These programs will be running from fall 2011 onwards. At that time we will be able to give students credits for each course they follow at BMIT. Please check our site in the upcoming months to stay updated about the BMIT international student programs.

International Student Exchange Guide
The Student Exchange Program provides students the opportunity to study at BMIT, Jaipur. Meet students from around the world and take the time to travel across the states of India. There is no better destination than BMIT to combine a first-class education with an incredible adventure!

English is widely spoken on campus, but you will also have a chance to learn Hindi and countless other languages spoken by the diverse student population.

Visa procedure
Please check the Visa information on the following website: http://www.visatoindia.com/. In order to apply for a student Visa, you will need documents of BMIT that state that you will be studying at our institution. To obtain these documents, please contact the IRO email iro@bmitjaipur.org. We will be pleased to help you.

International Health Insurance
Students coming to India should apply for an International Health Insurance that covers their stay. There are special international student health insurances available, which are tailored at your needs. If you need any help finding a suitable health insurance, please contact us at iro@bmitjaipur.org

About India
India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country, and the most populous democracy in the world. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the west, and the Bay of Bengal on the east, India has a coastline of 7,517 kilometers (4,700 mi). It is bordered by Pakistan to the west; Peoples Republic of China, Nepal, and Bhutan to the north; and Bangladesh and Myanmar to the east. India is in the vicinity of Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and Indonesia in the Indian Ocean.

Home to the Indus Valley Civilisation and a region of historic trade routes and vast empires, the Indian subcontinent was identified with its commercial and cultural wealth for much of its long history. Four major religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism originated here, while Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam arrived in the first millennium and shaped the regions diverse culture. Gradually annexed by the British East India Company from the early eighteenth century and colonised by the United Kingdom from the mid-nineteenth century, India became an independent nation in 1947 after a struggle for independence that was marked by widespread non-violent resistance.

Programs at BMIT
BMIT is looking forward to welcome international faculty to the campus. BMIT offers an opportunity to international faculty to teach in Jaipur and thereby learn about the Indian culture and history. In their free time, they will be able to discover Incredible India and its beautiful heritages. IRO is committed to help international faculty with all their preparations coming to India, as well as with settling down in Jaipur. International faculty will be offered housing and transport, whenever needed.

For applying as international faculty, please send your CV and covering letter to iro@bmitjaipur.org. For any other inquiries regarding working at BMIT, please contact us at the previous email address. We are ready to assist you in every way we can!

BMIT has been recognized as advance partner institute by International software giant Infosys under Campus Connect Program which enables our faculty to undergo intensive Faculty Enable Program and Soft Skill Program. A selection committee comprising of IRO and two senior professors interviews the faculty members to shortlist the candidates to learn and undergo the Infosys course on regular basis.

Student Exchange Guide
Few experiences challenge and reward you like living and studying in another country. Through the International Relations Office (IRO), you can learn about the excitement of living and studying in another country. The knowledge that the experiences you had acquired during your overseas studies will be valuable to your future employers makes it all the more rewarding. IRO is dedicated to transforming students lives through international exchanges.

Students who would go on exchange programs will have unparallel opportunities for personal development, personal growth and travel. The various Student Exchange Programs initiated by the IRO provide the knowledge and support students need for success.

Our exchange agreements with partner institutions will usually specify a certain number of places which will be available to students. These numbers may vary for each institution. If there are too many applicants for one institution, students are selected according to academic merit. When approving a student’s application for exchange, consideration is also given to his or her ability to be a good ambassador.

However, students will be responsible to ensure that they have the financial means to support their living cost during their programs overseas. The cost of living varies from country to country and among different cities in the same country.

Programs at BMIT
BMIT has been recognized as advance partner institute by International software giant Infosys under Campus Connect Program which enables our faculty to undergo intensive Faculty Enable Program and Soft Skill Program.

A selection commitee comprising of IRO and two senior professors interviews the faculty members to shortlist the candidates to learn and undergo the Infosys course on regular basis.

IRO efforts to invite Red Hat for regular workshops for staff members. Technical experts from RedHat emphasized on the technical aspect of open source, its importance and its demand in the industry.

Numerous programs of such nature are being organized on regular basis by IRO in order to keep the staff members updated and pace with the time.

International Programs for Staff
The International Relations Office organizes various international programs for its staff .
BMIT staff interested in international positions should contact the IRO. Through our international networks, e.g. ACBSP, BMIT is able to provide you with numerous international job offers. Do not hesitate to inform you about the possibilities.

IRO is engaged with AIESEC (pronounced eye-sek, originally an acronym for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales) which is an international youth organization that engages in international internship programs.

Numerous international expert faculty from countries like Belgium, Ukraine, Norway, Indiana (US) are in the practice of visiting and indoctrinating our staff members under international internship programs.

IRO also invited NASSCOM which is the global trade body with over 1200 members, of which over 250 are global companies from the US, UK, EU, Japan and China. Staff members attended workshop organized by NASSCOM.

IRO Events
* BMIT was part of the FICCI delegation accompanying Honourable Minister of Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal to the United States of America. The 6-day visit from October 25, 2009 to October 30, 2009, gave a new thrust to the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministrys vision to set up 14 Innovation Universities in the country as from 2010.
* Members of the FICCI delegation such as Delhi Technological University, Manipal University, Symbiosis International University, Thapar University, BITS Pilani and BMIT Jaipur, accompanied the Minister to all meetings in New York, Harvard, MIT, Yale and Washington DC.
* The delegation had the opportunity to meet academicians of Indian origin in New York and Washington DC, and have a meeting at the US India Business Council. The Indian colleges and universities participating in the FICCI delegation are exploring the possibilities of signing MoUs with various leading US universities like MIT, Harvard University, Yale University, Washington University and Houston University.
* FICCI is also exploring to have MoUs with organizations like Institute of International Education, New York Science Academy etc. to provide industry linkages and cross mobility to facilitate faculty for training and research, technology transfer through Universities etc.
* The Ministers mantra Think Globally, Act Locally , has been well received and Indian as well as US education providers are looking forward to the formalization of the Foreign University Act, where private non-aided foreign education institutions can come to India to provide their services to the Indian students.
* BMIT Jaipur had the pleasure to be part of the FICCI delegation and thereby was able to meet interesting people from the US educational scene. We would like to carry our efforts further with the aim to become an international institute that provides global education.

Examinations - Rules for Re-Valuation of Answer Books
1. Revaluation of answer books shall be permissible in not more than 25% of the theory papers in which candidate actually appeared at an examination. Where the number of papers in which a candidate appeared at an examination happens to be an odd number, revaluation be permitted upto whole number i.e. if an examination consists of 5 papers, the candidates can apply for revaluation of answer-books upto 2 papers.
2. Not withstanding the aforesaid provisions, revaluation of answer-books, shall not be permitted in respect of (i) M.E. (ii) the scripts of Practical examinations/ Sessional/ Periodical Tests. Dissertation, thesis and viva-voce (iii) all supplementary examinations, special examination, part examination back papers and boycotted papers.
N.B.: (i) Part Examination means an examination at which candidate appears in those subject(s) / paper(s) only which he has yet to clear.
(ii) Boycotted Papers means the papers in which a candidate having boycotted the examination earlier is allowed another chance to appear.

3. A candidate which wishes to apply for revaluation of his answer-book(s) must submit his application on the prescribed form together with the requisite fee to the Asstt. Registrar before expiry of 15 days excluding the date of the declaration of his examination result. Application not received in the prescribed form or by the due date of without the requisite fee shall be rejected. Incomplete application forms will also be rejected.
4. The process of revaluation includes scrutiny of answer-books and therefore, it will not be necessary for a candidate requesting for re-valuation of answer-books to apply for scrutiny of the paper for which he/she has applied for revaluation. However, if a candidate wants his/her answer-books of any other papers also to be scrtinised he/she will have to apply for the same separately in accordance with the provisions these rules. In such cases if the marks of candidate, in any paper(s) are increased as a result of scrutiny; a reference shall be made to the candidate only if his/her result is changed favorably in pre-revaluation scrutiny i.e. from fall to supplementary. Supplementary to pass, pass to II Div. and IInd Div. to Ist Div, or if there i.e and increase of atleast 20% of marks in pre-revaluation scrutiny. In other cases the answer-books will be sent for revaluation without marking a reference to the candidate. In such cases where the marks of the candidate in any paper(s) are increased favourably as a result of pre-revaluation scrutiny and thereafter if he/she does not want his her answer-book(s) to be revalued, he/she will be permitted to withdraw his/her application for revaluation in which case his fee will not be refunded.
5. A candidate shall be required to pay a fee of Rs. 200/- per paper (not subject) for re-valuation of answer-books, which will not be refunded, except when the candidate is allowed to withdraw his application as permitted above.
6. (i) If the award of second examiner (revaluator) is more than the award of the first examiner subject to a limit of 20% of the maximum marks prescribed for the paper, the same shall betaken as the marks obtained on evaluation. In case the award of the second (revaluator) exceeds the above limit of 20%, the answer books shall be referred to a third examiner and the average of the two closest award shall be taken into account. If the three awards are uniformly spread, then the middle award shall be taken into account.
(ii) (a) If the award of the second examiner (revaluator) is less than of the first examiner upto the extent of 5% of the maximum marks prescribed for the paper, the award of the first examiner shall stand.
(b) In case the award of the second examiner (revaluator) is less than that of the first examiner and the decrease is more than 5% but not more than 20% of the maximum marks prescribed for the paper, the average of the two awards shall be taken as the marks of revaluation provided the result of the candidate is not effected adversely, i.e. his division in not changed or he does not get supplementary instead of pass or he does not fail instead of supplementary or he does not fail in an individual paper/subject instead of pass. In such cases the marks shall be decreased to the extent that his result is not affected adversely.
(c) If the award of the second examiner (revaluator) is less than that of the first examiner and the decrease in marks exceeds 20% of the maximum marks prescribed for the paper the answer-book shall be referred to a third examiner and the average of the two closest awards (the middle award in case the three awards are uniformly spread) shall be taken as the marks of revaluation subject to the provision mentioned above in sub-clause (ii) (b).

7. In case a candidate doesnt submit his/her original marksheet along with the application for revaluation, his/her application shall stand rejected.
8. The answer-book(s) shall not be subjected to any Inspection or production before any External or Internal Authority except at the instance of the Vice-Chancellor.
9. A candidate who is declared eligible for Supplementary Examination as a result of revaluation shall be permitted to appear at the usual Supplementary Examination or if the same is already over, at the time of next Main Examination. Such a candidate will also be eligible to appear at the next higher examination as a non-collegiate candidate, if such facility exists for the examination concerned.
10. A candidate who becomes eligible to seek admission to the next higher class consequent upon the improvement of his/her result of revaluation in the middle of a session shall be considered eligible for admission to that class within 21 days from the date of communication of the revaluation result but not later than 31st December of the same session. In such cases the attendance shall be counted from the date of admission.

Candidates desirous to apply for re-valuation may treat their result as No Change for submission of application forms for appearing at the ensuing examination within due dates. In case their result changes consequent upon re-valuation, the application forms submitted by them will be amended accordingly if a request to that effect is made by the candidates.

Examinations - Rules for the Award of Grace Marks

Grace marks to the extent of 1% of the aggregate marks prescribed for an examination will be awarded to a candidate failing in not more than 25% of the total number of theory papers, practicals, sessionals, dissertation, viva-voce and the aggregate, as the case may be in which minimum pass marks have been prescribed; provided the candidate passes the examination by the award of such Grace marks. For the purpose of determining the number of 25% of the papers, only such theory papers practicals, dissertation, viva-voce etc. would be considered, of which, the examination is conducted by the University. N.B.:- If 1% of the aggregate marks or 25% of the papers works out in fraction, the same will be raised to the next whole number. For example, if the aggregate marks prescribed for the examination are 450, grace marks to the extent of 5 will be awarded to the candidate, similarly, if 25% of the total papers is 3.2, the same will be raised to 4 papers which grace marks can be given.

1. A candidate passes in a per/ practical or the aggregate by the award of grace marks will be deemed to have obtained the necessary minimum for a pass in that paper/ practical or in the aggregate and shown in the marks sheet to have passed by grace. Grace marks will not be added to the marks obtained by a candidate from the examiners nor will the marks obtained by the candidate be subject to any deduction due to award of grace marks in any other paper/ practical or aggregate.
2. If a candidate passes the examination but misses First or Second Division by one mark, his aggregate will be raised by one mark so as to entitle him for the first or second division, as the case may be. This one mark will be added to the paper in which he gets the least marks and also in the aggregate by showing +1 in the tabulation register below the marks actually by the candidate. The marks entered in the marks-sheet will be inclusive of one grace mark and it will not be shown separately.
3. Non appearance of a candidate in any paper will make him ineligible for grace marks. The place of a passed candidate in the examination list will, however be determined by the aggregate marks he secures from the examiners, and he will not, by the award of grace marks, become entitled to a higher division.
4. Distinction won in any subject at the examination is not to be forfeited on the score that a candidate has secured grace to pass the examination.

Note:- The Grace marks will be awarded only, if candidate appears in all the papers prescribed for the examination.

Infrastructure - Conference Facilities
All BMITians should have exposure to the modern day technologies, so lot many symposia and workshops are hosted on campus. Modern conference facilities are meticulously planned and incorporated into the BMIT campus. These facilities are always in demand by faculties and students of different departments to organize conference/workshop/ symposium/ invited talks by the experts. Students and faculty members actively participate in conferences organized in the BMIT campus which bring accolades to the college.

Infrastructure - Computing Centers
BMIT campus boasts of one of the best computing networks in any of the college in Rajasthan. It is highly equipped with State-Of-Art facilities, which has earned a reputation of excellence. Its comprehensive infrastructure includes 10 Servers, 700 Workstations, 20 Printers and over 10 Laptops (Dell,HP,IBM and Lenovo).

The whole campus boasts of being under strict surveillance system by CCTV cameras. BMIT offers its own UID number.(Unique ID Number) and Email IDs to all its employees and students. Time to time, computer network of the institute is upgraded, to provide latest to the faculty and students.

BMIT has an ultra high-speed Fiber Optic Connectivity, backbone for networking across the campus. Wireless connectivity is installed at the campus to provide internet access to the faculty as well students.
BMIT is the first technical institute in Rajasthan to implement ERP system. All the faculty members upload their respective course schedule of the subject they take on it. The internal assessment marks and attendance of the students are also uploaded on it.

Computing network of the college is managed and its activities are supported by qualified and experienced technical staff. Staff of the Computer Network Computing Centre (CNCC) maintains and administrate the College website, Mail service, Internet facility and provide Wi-Fi environment through out the campus round the clock.

Notes of every subject is also uploaded on Moodle software by the experienced faculty and improved for quality for the students benefit well in advance before the topic is taken up in class. This is applied for all semesters, all branches and is week wise with respect to the college curriculum.

Advanced Networking Lab: This consists of routers, switches, firewalls and security software and other networking tools, which meets the requirement curriculum of CISCO. This is how students are trained in network administration configuration, network configuration and wireless security.

Programming Language Library: This provides the backbone of the future software technocrats where in they learn high level programming language like C,C++ ,VB,VC++, Java and work on platforms like Windows, Oracle and Linux.

Multimedia and Internet Programming Laboratory: This laboratory is quite popular among college students for learning and generating creativity among the future technocrats. Here multimedia tools like Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Sound Forge and Maya to develop related applications are used for training students in multimedia.

Sun Advanced Java Laboratory: BMIT has an Advanced Java Programming Centre in collaboration with Sun Microsystems. The basic goal of this laboratory is to train students in advanced Java technologies such as J2EE (including EJB), JSF, J2ME for mobile kit utilities. The lab consists of P4 computers with software from Sun Microsystems.

Software Engineering Laboratory: The primary goal of this laboratory is to train the students with the software development life cycle which helps them to work with various phases of SDHC, test tools and CASE tools. Students are trained in IBM Rational Rose, Test Run , Silk Run, CASE tools, Rational suite for testing and Smart Draw

Infrastructure - Class Rooms - Learning Arena
BMIT boasts of air cooled, highly ventilated and spacious classroom which have a very special learning environment. The classrooms are well fitted with LCD projectors, white boards and good audio- video system that enable students for conducive learning. Most of the classrooms have a seating capacity of 80 students at a time with comfortable and stylish seating facilities.

Infrastructure - Building Area
BMIT campus is spread over more than 10 acre of land in almost zero pollution zone and noise free area. Surrounding and campus is lust green and very attractive for natural environment. Variety of birds and their nests in the college gardens and around, calls the attentions of all of us.It helps us in generating much required love for nature in youth. All the buildings in the campus are nicely designed following international concept and Greek architect mixed with traditional colorful stone work up to some extent.

Infrastructure - Guest House and Quarters
Guest house is situated within walking distance from the college campus. It consists of four Air-conditioned double bedded rooms of better than deluxe category.Good dinning hall is attached with all the four rooms. Nice and tasty homely food is served to guest on demand. Hot and cold water 24 hours supply is maintained by guest house attendant.Few quarters are available for the staff and faculty, in and outside campus for comfortable stay with all the required facilities.In these quarters, 24 hours water supply is again maintained by college maintenance department.

Infrastructure - Library Facilities
BMIT has a capacious library having plenteous books, nearly 12000 in numbers on variety of subjects. It is air cooled and well protected with fire alarm and CCTV security system. College library is fully computerized and one may call is eLibrary which runs on ERP software.

The Library responds to the varying needs of the students of Engineering and MBA fraternity as well as the faculty members to select acquire and access the books. Specialized collections of books, journals, novels, technical papers and informative CDs are available in the different fields of education. Facility to play these CD and copy the required material from these CD is available to students and staff. Internet asses and down load facility is available to the students at different site and to the faculty in cubicles in the library. Printing and Photo copier shop corner is also available in the college library.There is a separate reading room in the library, well lighted and comfortable sofa sitting. Nearly 150 weekly/monthly magazines and 10 daily news papers in Hindi and English are subscribed by college library. Separate room with internet facility is also available for MBA faculty and students keeping the needs of projects planning and preparations. It houses large numbers of books and periodicals.

Infrastructure - Campus Amenities
Popular craftier areas are there in the campus where subsidized healthy food is served in a very attractive environment .These areas are nick named among the students as eat, read and relax zones (ERRZ) and mostly over crowed during intervals periods.Canteen facility is available to students and faculty both. It is operative during college hours. Some of the snacks served in the canteen are very good quality and reasonably priced.Medical facilities are provided to residential students in the campus by experts. In case of emergency and complication college students and faculty can be attained in nearby , less than half kilometer, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital. Gym and sport facility are available in campus Well equipped music room is also available in college where student can practice on drum and equipments to polish their talent. Within a sphere of two kilometers nearly five banks are there and more than five ATMs of national and private banks are in operation round the clock. Robotic arena is available in the college for the students to learn and develop their technical skills with amusements College campus is situated very near to good market which caters almost all the needs of college students and faculty staying in the campus. Quality book houses, fast food outlet and restaurants, photo shops and malls etc are the few amenities available within two minute drive or ten to fifteen minutes walk from the college campus.Market is usually flooded by students during evening and serves as meeting point with other college students. Safe and clean good guest houses and paying guest facilities are available with different variant to suits each needs in this nearby region for faculty and non-residential students as well.

Infrastructure - Sports and Gymnasia
Hostel Activity Centre is full of recreation and fun ,and is a well-disciplined student centre. All the activities organized in Hostel are associated to HAC association.Sports club is one of the major part of Hostel activity centre. It doesnt let the student sit cuffed with their books but provide them with the right featured sports item. Various Inter-House tournaments are organized often to build sportsmanship amongst the pupils. The Club is equipped with the Outdoor Games such as :
* Volley Ball, Football, Cricket, Kabbadi and Kho-kho, Skipping rope and Flying Disc and Indoor Games like :
* Table Tennis, Snooker, Carrom, Chess and Badminton

Hostel Gymnasium
Today fitness is becoming a necessity of life for which Gym is emerging as a favorite tool to the youth. BMIT Hostel has well advanced Gym facility for students of the Hostel which encapsulate with exercise equipments listed as:
* Multi-Machine (1), Treadmill (5), Jogger (1), Stopper (1), Twister Machine (1), Multi-function Bench (2), Utility Bench (4), Cycles (2), Dumbbell Rack (2) and many others..

Infrastructure - Hostel and Dining
We, at BMIT understands that we will be a second home to our students for the next four years. Accordingly, we do not leave any stone unturned to make our students comfortable and At-Home. BMIT hostels are developed and designed in a way that provides an ideal setting for their nurturing and development.At these hostels, the students are encouraged to participate in various round the year activities aimed at developing their skills in technical and other life sciences. The students constantly learn from each other, above all they develop a feeling of healthy friendship and respect for their colleagues and seniors.Fully furnished and resourced separate boys and girls hostels are provided to students on campus. Full fledged resident wardens interact with the inmates on daily basis.Fully furnished rooms on separate and shared basis are provided to the students in these hostels. A clean hygienic mess is provided with each hostel catering delicious and hygienic food to their residents.Each hostel has its own dedicated library and recreation rooms having TV with Dish connection. Hostels have common computer rooms for their computing works. Each hostel has sports room and a full fledged gymnasium also. Each hostel has also a wireless Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

Choudhary Mula Ram Memorial Hostels
Boys Hostel No.1 has the capacity to accomodate 330 students while Boys Hostel No.2 is of the capacity of 250 students.
The Girls Hostel has the capacity to accomodate 250 students.Facilities offered across the hostels at a glimpse are
* Air cooling facility in complete hostel campus
* 2-3 shared rooms available with well equipped washrooms with attractive sanitary.
* Landscape garden at the entrance of Hostel
* Qualitative Hostel canteen (HAC CAFÉ).
* Well settled with latest chimney technology in Mess.
* Ventilated Mess with proper cooling.
* CCTV cameras are placed around the hostel for security purpose

BMIT Transport Facilities
Both BMIT Buses and a few city transport buses ply to nearby major areas like, Mansarovar, Malviya Nagar, Vaishali,and City Area towards commuting of 70% of the Staff and Students residing outside at concessional rates.BMIT Transport Facility has 6 Buses, 1 Car , 1 Van and a Pickup vehicle.

Infrastructure - Health Services
Medical facilities are provided to residential students in the campus by experts. In case of emergency and complications, the college students and faculty can be attained in the nearby Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Hospital . This hospital is situated within less than half kilometer from the College campus.The Hospital is well-equipped with ECG machine, emergency medicines and ambulances. It also provides facilities for treatment, consultation and medicines including lab investigations for the students and staff.

Technical Forum – Objectives
* Tech. Forum is a branch of SAC that brings all the sharp technical minds on a common platform wherein theycompete with each other and outshine in different technical aspects.
* We see the basic talent in each student and then nurture them to outgrow their credibility for a bettertomorrow.
* With each passing day Tech. Forum adorns a new hat in terms of achievements of the students. Maximumparticipants come back with cherry faces and of course winning trophies.
* Several in house seminars, quizzes and paper presentations sharpen the skills of the students and give them acutting edge when they participate outside the college.

* To observe BMIT discipline and all other policies and procedures. Violation of these standards could result in lossof college recognition.
* To provide the SAC office with an annual report of the following
a) Goals, objectives and proposed activities for the coming year.
b) Names of most recently appointed officers.
c) Complete list of members in the club, including each members full name, college ID, branch and contact no.
d) A record of meetings and attendance.

Technical Forum - Co-ordinators
* The Tech. Forum will be headed by the Dean, Student Affairs and coordinated by faculty coordinator. He/She will be responsible for all Tech forum activities.
* The Dean will be assisted by an apex body of students comprising of The President, Vice-President and General Secretary. These will be nominated by the management.
* The tenure of each post in the students body will be of one year.
* All students of BMIT are members of Tech forum by default.

Research and Development - Students Achievements
Participating in different robotic competition/workshops/conference - winning prizes and appreciation is a regular feature.In academic session 2009-10 our institute team participated and got Ist Prize in BITS, Pilani. Large number of students participated in in-house robotic competition in academic session 2009-10 and many students are awarded prizes and certificate.

In academic session 2009-10, group of students of all the branches prepared and demonstrated high quality project of public utility. These projects are examined for the quality and utility by the experts. On the spot advice and guidance is provided to the group handling the project for further improvements, so that it can be patented in future. Some of the project teams were awarded prizes for encouragements.

Outreach - An Overview
Students at BMIT are constantly encouraged to be compassionate members of the community, who interact with one another and the community with integrity. Activities that foster a lifelong commitment to community service are a regular part of BMITs outreach programmes. The Student Activity Centre (SAC), of BMIT is primarily involved in providing special services to the society. It also provides a special opportunity for cross-disciplinary studies as they relate to the human aspects of our culture, and helps to prepare graduates for the increasingly integrated approaches to service delivery demanded by society. Various programmes of such nature are organized by YOUTH CLUB of BMIT Jaipur on a regular basis which include reaching to the under-developed areas of the city and spreading awareness about Education, Diseases, Environment and other subjects of social concern.

Outreach - Project and Programmes
BMIT Youth Club - RADIANT :
BMIT Youth Club—RADIANT has been started with the purpose of giving our students a wholesome experience. Besides activities related to sports and other activities related to personality development, our students also devote their time for social service.The aim of this club is to setup emotional linkage between fast changing Indian society through service and future corporate managers. We at BMIT very strongly believe that our new new generations of corporate world must have some social responsibility. They should take certain measures for the upliftment of the people below poverty line. In fact, they motivate many other privileged sections to work for the downtroddens. The social service wing of our youth club has been divided into four groups.

Activities for Group For Street Children: The students from our BMIT youth club visit the home for the Street Children. There they teach them, help them with their school homework, teach them the use computers and also play with them. They enthuse in them the motto of making it big someday. They guide their parents to let them continue with their studies. They give proper attention on every one of them and meticulously try to sharpen their talents. The students try arranging stationeries for these youngsters and hence help them to shape a better future.

Activities for Group For Old Age : The groups of students of BMIT visit the old age home on Tonk road. There they talk with the elderly, make them feel wanted, share their views on various topics; some of them teach how to use computer to those who are interested. They convey them the messages that old age is not the end but a beautiful beginning wherein they can show a substantial path to the younger generations by their experiences.

Activities for Group For Blind, Deaf and Dumb : BMIT students go to schools of blind, deaf and dumb. They spend time with them and try to understand their problems. This helps the students to become aware of the difficulties faced by the people who are handicapped. They motivate them for various works to make them self reliant like making handicrafts, soft toys and singing.

Outreach - Areas of Operation
Infosys Campus Connect Softskill programme and Student Activity Center at BMIT endeavors to work for the benefits of the downtrodden and under-privileged sections of the society. Its outreach is marked with the below map.
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