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JSS Arts, Science and Commerce College, Belgaum, Karnataka


JSS Arts, Science and Commerce College, Belgaum, Karnataka

Belgaum (District Belgaum)
Karnataka, India

JSS Arts, Science and Commerce College, Belgaum Karnataka is a recognised institute / college.
JSS Arts, Science and Commerce College is situated in Belgaum of Karnataka state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Belgaum comes under Belgaum Tehsil, Belgaum District.


JSS Arts, Science and Commerce College, Belgaum Karnataka runs course(s) in Arts , Science, Commerce stream(s).

Approval details: JSS Arts, Science and Commerce College is affiliated with Karnatak University, Dharwad (Karnataka)

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NAAC report of JSS Arts, Science and Commerce College

Section 1 : Preface
Gokak is a small town situated on the banks of two rivers namely Ghataprabha and Markandya. This place is known for 'Water Falls'. Especially in rainy season, a good number of tourists pay visit to this place and enjoy the natural beauty of the site. There is a textile mill started in 1886 by Britishers and an Electricity Generation Center in 1913. Since then this electricity was utilized for running textile mill. This electricity generation center is claimed as India's first Hydroelectricity Generation Center. Presently the mill is under the control of TATA group. Predominantly main occupation of the people in this area is agriculture. Paddy and sugarcane are the main crops taken by the farmers. Even after independence up to 1965 this area was educationally backward.

In 1965 on the advise of Wrangler Dr. D.C. Pawate Ex.Vice-Chancellor, Karnataka University nine enlightened people came together and established Gokak Education Society. The main objective was propagation of education in the region. For the very purpose Jagadguru Shri. Shivalingeshwar Arts and Science College was incepted in June 1965. Initially there were two faculties namely Arts and Science. In the year 1975, Commerce faculty was added in the existing college and institution was renamed as 'Jagadguru Shri. Shivalingeshwar Arts, Science and Commerce College, Gokak, Dist. Belgaum'.

Jagadguru Shri Shivalingeshwar Arts, Science and Commerce College, Gokak, is situated beneath the rocky hill at a good height in a 30.2 acres of land. The college offers, B.Sc, B.A., B.Com and BBA courses. Under Science faculty Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Electronics, and Computer Science Courses are offered. Faculty of Arts offers degree course in English, Kannada, Hindi, Urdu, Economics, Political Science and Sociology. Courses offered under Commerce faculty are Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). BBA course is conducted on self- financing basis. The college is affiliated to Karantak University, Dharwad, and is covered under grant-in-aids. UGC has recognized this college under 2f and 12B since 1994 and 1995 respectively.

There are 70 teachers and 47 non-teaching staff on the rolls. Total strength of students learning in the college comes to 1473 out of which 471 are female students. Unit cost of college education is Rs.15454.00.

The college possesses necessary infrastructure to run the college. An elegant college building, central library, computer center, health center, sports facilities for indoor and outdoor games, guest house, staff quarters, canteen, vehicle parking, gymkhana, ladies room, staff room, Principal chamber, NSS and NCC offices, required laboratories and a botanical garden is existing on campus.

The college provides long range of programme options for the students. Seven options in Arts faculty, six in Science, three in Commerce and four in Management are available. Industry - institution linkage has been developed to provide in-plant training to the B.Com and BBA students.

Besides lecturers, seminars, tutorials, home assignments, joint assignments etc., are used for the purpose of teaching. University Examination record of the college is good. Meritorious students are awarded scholarships and prizes. Weak students are provided with remedial coaching. Sports and NCC record of the college is excellent.

Students welfare activities are a regular feature of the college. Different associations are very active and good number of events are undertaken for the benefit of students. Cultural Activities of the college are equally good and encouraging. College Magazine provides opportunity to publish the creative writings of the students. Teacher student relationship on the campus is very cordial. The parents and alumni carry respect and affection about the college.

The J.S.S Arts, Science and Commerce College, Gokak volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council ( NAAC ) and submitted self study report in October 2003. NAAC constituted Peer Team comprising Dr. V.M.Chavan, Pro-Vice Chancellor Shivaji University, Kolhapur as Chairman, Prof. K.G. Narayana Pillai, Director, College Development Council, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala as Member Co-ordinator and Principal P.M.Sule, D.G. Ruparel College, Mumbai as Member. The Peer Team visited the College for the purpose of validation on 27th and 28th February 2004. The team carefully perused and analysed the SSR submitted by the college. During the visit, the team went through the documents made available, and separate meetings were held with Principal, members of the Management Board, faculty members, office staff, alumni and parents. Based on the above exercise and keeping in mind the seven criteria identified by NAAC, the team arrived at a judgment and the report is given as under :

Section 2 : Criterion-wise Analysis
Criterion I : Curricular Aspects.
The goals and objectives of the College are ; academic excellence, providing higher education to every citizen in Gokak, self employment and to introduce vocational subjects for the students. The college offers three year degree course in the faculties of Science, Arts and Commerce with triple main and with different subject combinations. The main departments are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Electronics, Sericulture and Computer Science in Science; English, Kannada, Hindi, Urdu, Economics, Political Science and Sociology in Arts and Humanities ; and Commerce with vocational subjects Tax Procedure and Practice, Computer Applications and Bachelor
of Business Administration (BBA) under self financing mode. The course options make provision for conventional and vocational modes.

The college is affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad and therefore follows the syllabi framed by the university. Two teachers are members of the Academic Council, two teachers are in Board of Studies and two in faculty. They participate in formulating and reformulating the syllabi of their subjects.

The college has a mechanism to obtain feedback from students and peers on academic programmes. This arrangement enables the college in bringing about necessary changes in its programmes. The subjects offered are generally in keeing with the goals and objectives of the college.

The departments provide provisions for students seminars and discussions. On the job training is provided to BBA and other vocational components in banks and industries.

Criterion II : Teaching learning Evaluation
At the beginning of the academic year the college brings out a prospectus containing informations regarding courses of study, fee structure, rules and regulations, details of examination, academic calendar, scholarship, prizes etc.,. The students are admitted to the college on the basis of the guidelines issued by the government. However, admission to the vocational courses are on the basis of Assessment Report For Institutional Accreditation Of J.S.S. ARTS, SCIENCE & COMMERCE COLLEGE, GOKAK. DIST. BELGAUM, KARNATAKA. Criterion IV : Infrastructure and Learning Resources
The infrastructure available in the premises of the college is optimally shared by the undergraduate and junior colleges under shift system. The degree college functions from 8.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and junior college from 1.15 p.m. 5.30 p.m.. The master plan prepared by the college was made available to the team which contains future expansion also. The college is situated in a semi-urban setup in 39.23 acres of land on the foot hills of the Sahyadri mountain hill ranges. Some area of the campus extends to the hill ranges also. The campus is a complex which contains an unaided high school and a series of trade shops constructed on the side of the Gokak Falls road. The trade centers fetch some revenue which is also utilized for the development of the institution. The college buildings have a floor area of 48337.37 sq. ft., which accommodates 29 class rooms, 5 laboratories, computer lab, library, principal's room, staff room and rooms for support services, such as NCC, NSS, Gymkhana, Health Consultancy room etc.,. There are two canteens accommodated in two rooms of the trade center which are open to public also. A canteen solely for students may give priority.

The Computer Lab is provided with 26 Computers, 7 Printers, scanner and internet. All computers are connected with LAN. In addition, two computers are available in library and one in the office. The Computer lab is accessible to the computer students of Commerce and BBA only. It is high time to think about providing computer and internet browsing facility to all students. Maintenance of computers are done by a resident engineer.

Library is accommodated in a new single storeyed building constructed with UGC aid and Management share. The floor area is 520 sq. mts. which is minimum for providing stacking, reading and lending facilities. The women's room is also accommodated in the library. Partially open access system is followed. There is a reprographic facility and a TV in the library. Library has 48698 books in 2380 titles, 20 journals, 100 magazines and 14 news papers. The library is computerized using 'e-lib' software. The services of the library are shared between the junior and degree colleges.

The sports facilities are satisfactory. There are two gymkhana rooms, reserved separately for boys and girls. Both are provided with tennis table, carrom and chess. There is a multipurpose stadium with 200m cutcha track, volley ball, basket ball, ball badminton courts, etc.,. All students are local, so no hostel facilities are provided. However, there is a proposal to construct a ladies hostel by utilizing UGC aid. There are 8 staff quarters allotted to teachers. The guest house in the campus need improvement.

A doctor visits the college two days a week, one hour each, from a nearby hospital as voluntary service. Consultation facilities are provided to the students.

Maintenance service of the facilities is done by the management on contract basis.

Criterion V : Student Support and Progression
Admission to various programmes are done by observing the rules and regulations of the University and State Government. Merit is the criteria for admission to all courses except BBA. An updated prospectus is made available to the students at the beginning of the academic year. Majority of the students appear for the University examination and pass percentage starts from 75 to 100 %. The dropout rate is high in certain subjects, which is explained as due to the entry of students for professional courses after admission. Concerned departments provide opportunity for good practical training in their subject area. The laboratories are clean, and the equipments are properly maintained. However, the students have to be exposed to the fast advancing world of science, research and technology. Programmes may be designed to take them to good State and National science institutions and laboratories. Botany department maintains a small medicinal garden, with labels of the plants. Students have been given the facility of assessing the teachers in structured formats. The results are used for improving the quality of teaching . College has an Alumni association, and the members are interested in the development of the college. A good number of Alumni hold prestigious positions as doctors, engineers, police officers, chartered accountants, lecturers of schools and colleges, state, central, private institutional employees. Both their financial and advisory capacity have to be utilized for the improvement of the institution.

About 8 associations under the leadership of faculty, extend support services to the students. Some of them are statutory. SC/ST association, anti ragging cell, career guidance association, debating union, cultural association, subject associations, Sahitya sangh etc., help the students in arranging programmes with an aim of the over all personality development of the students.

Fellowship/freeship/cash prizes etc., of the State, Centre, University and college are made available to the students through the office in time. A trained faculty arrange career guidance classes to the senior students.

Recreation / leisure time facilities like indoor games and outdoor games, cultural activities etc., are available to the students. Dress code is adopted for certain group of students. NSS conducts usual extension programmes such as tree planting, village adoption, blood donation, awareness programmes with an aim of uplifting the poor and down-trodden and developing co-operation and social work culture among the students.

The college has two NCC units with 100 cadets each. 30% seats are reserved for girl students from the previous year onwards. Both the units are working well and arranging various activities.

College teachers maintain a Science Center in the nearby school, with working models, with an aim of motivating and developing scientific temper and interest in the minds of young talents.

College magazine provides opportunity to the students to publish their creative literary works.

Criterion VI : Organization and Management
Gokak Education Society with its Board of Trustees and Board of Management decides the policies and financial transactions of the college. Board of Management monitors the academic and Administrative affairs of all institutions run by the Society. Principal is the Secretary of the Board. Society appointed the Ex. Principal of the college to look after the developmental projects of the college and the society. Finance of the college is from the Government, UGC, certain percentage of the fee, and donations from well wishers and philanthropists. The deficit of the budget is made by the society from their own fund. Since the Govt. has stopped the appointment for vacant posts, the management meets out salary expenditure of adhoc teachers. The salary paid to the adhoc/ temporary teachers is from 2500 -7000. Large number of vacant posts in teaching has created a grave situation in the higher education scenario of the State, which has to be redressed at the earliest by suitable means. This is essential to improve the quality of higher education institutions particularly in moffusal areas.

Grievances of the teachers and staff are redressed at the level of Principal and the Chairman of the Board. There is an Employees Credit Co-operative Society , which gives short term loan to its members. Management arranges temporary interest free loans to the employees at the time of delay in release of salary by Government. Free medical check up and study tour to employees are arranged by the Management.

Teaching and non-teaching staff together carry out the works like admission, examination, sports etc.,. The various associations nominated by the Principal look after the extra and co-curricular activities in the ear marked areas.

Criterion - VII : Healthy Practices
The college has adopted various systematic mechanisms for internal quality checks with reference to academic, administrative and financial issues. The routine day today activities are delegated through committees and decision making is maintained on democratic line. Staff and student redressal cell take care of individual issues and socially disadvantaged staff and students are also given justice by the respective cells. Remedial classes are arranged for weaker students and meritorious students are given opportunity for advanced learning by arranging special classes and personal coaching by faculty members. Meritorious students are also rewarded by scholarships and prizes. Periodical Parents and Alumni meetings are arranged and their views are taken in to consideration and accordingly decisions are taken.

College has also wisely utilized frontage of the premises exposing to main road for commercial purpose and rented out the built up space to good number of shopkeepers. This decision of the college management has resulted into a continuous revenue generation for the college.

Association of college with Science Centre has also proved to be successful in generating interest in Science and popularising Science tempor among young generation.

Section 3 : Overall Analysis
J.S.S. College is the premiere higher education institution in Gokak with a proud history of about 40 years. Such a long standing has produced an array of alumni working in various good positions in and out of the State. Over the years the college has grown in to a multi faculty institution offering conventional and vocational courses.

The Peer team observed a number of good practices in the college and wish to appreciate for the same. Also, the team would like to bring to the attention of the authorities the following census for its immediate consideration.

Immediate steps to be taken to provide computers and internet facility to all the students to expose them to new world of knowledge.

Faculty members be motivated to avail the facilities of UGC and other funding agencies in improving their qualifications and undertaking research projects.

College may start add-on courses of UGC and other market friendly vocational courses.

An English language laboratory and a Commerce laboratory may be established to promote communication skills of the language and vocational knowledge of the commerce students.

Formal MOU be established with Banks and industries to get vocational training to the students.

E-journals be made available in college.

Students and teachers be motivated to visit State and National laboratories and Research and Development institutions to widen their knowledge.

Management may set apart some seed money to college for undertaking some research projects and conduct of seminars.

Departments may take steps to organize extension and outreach programme with an aim of improving the living standards of under privileged.

The Peer team wishes great success to the students, teachers and the institution in their efforts to achieve excellence and success.

Dr. V.M. Chavan

Prof. K.G. Narayana Pillai

Principal. P.M. Sule

Name of the Head of the Institution
Prof. B.B. Biradar Patil.

Date : February 28, 2004

Summary: JSS Arts, Science and Commerce College, Belgaum Karnataka website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.