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Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi, Delhi


Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi, Delhi
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Narendra Niketan, Indra Prastha Estate
4, Institutional Area, P B No. 7513
Vasant Kunj, near The Grand Hotel
New Delhi (District New Delhi)
Delhi, India
Pin Code : 110070

Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi Delhi is a recognised institute / college.
Institute for Studies in Industrial Development is situated in New Delhi of Delhi state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. New Delhi comes under New Delhi Tehsil, New Delhi District.

Fax # of Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi Delhi is +91-11-23702448, 26761631.

email ID(s) is Institute for Studies in Industrial Development New Delhi Delhi

Website of Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi Delhi is www.isidev.nic.in/, http://isid.org.in.

Chairman : Dr Abid Hussain.
Vice Chancellor : Prof. S.K. Goyal.

Contact Details of Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi Delhi are : Telephone: +91-11-28844032, 4033, 26891111, 26761600, 26761899


Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi Delhi runs course(s) in Engineering stream(s).

Profile of Institute for Studies in Industrial Development

Welcome to ISID
The Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID), successor to the Corporate Studies Group (CSG), is a national-level policy research organization in the public domain and is affiliated to the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). Developing on the initial strength of studying Indias industrial regulations, ISID has gained varied expertise in the analysis of the issues thrown up by the changing policy environment. The Institutes research and academic activities are organized under the following broad thematic areas:

Industrial Development
Complementarity and performance of different sectors (public, private, FDI, cooperative, SMEs, etc.); trends, structures and performance of Indian industries in the context of globalisation; locational aspects of industry in the context of balanced regional development.

Corporate Sector
Ownership structures; finance; mergers and acquisitions; efficacy of regulatory systems and other means of policy intervention; trends and changes in the Indian corporate sector in the background of global developments in corporate governance, integration and competitiveness.

Trade, Investment and Technology
Trade policy reforms, WTO, composition and direction of trade, import intensity of exports, regional and bilateral trade, foreign investment, technology imports, R&D and patents.

Employment, Labour and Social Sector
Growth and structure of employment; impact of economic reforms and globalisation; trade and employment, labour regulation, social protection, health, education, etc.

Media Studies
Use of modern multimedia techniques for effective, wider and focused dissemination of social science research and promote public debates.

ISID has developed databases on various aspects of the Indian economy, particularly concerning industry and the corporate sector. It has created On-line Indexes of Indian Social Science Journals (OLI) and Press Clippings on diverse social science subjects. These have been widely acclaimed as valuable sources of information for researchers studying Indias socio-economic development.

ISID Campus
After an arduous effort of more than a decade the Institute could build its own campus on the plot of 1.5 hectares of land allotted by DDA in the Institutional Area Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

The campus comprises three blocks, namely Academic Block, Office Block and Conference Block with total built-up area of nearly two-lakhs square feet which houses a library, faculty rooms, conference and lecture halls, guest house, pantry, dining hall, cafeteria, and elevators in each building, along with auditorium and electric sub-station.

On-going Research and New Research Initiatives
* Structural Changes in Industry and Employment in the Indian Economy: Macro-economic Implications of Emerging Pattern

The recent pattern of structural changes raises a few basic questions relating to sustainability of development process, on the one hand, and equity and employment, on the other. How far is the decline in the importance of agriculture without corresponding increase in the share of industry, particularly manufacturing, and growing importance of the services sector represents a sustainable pattern of development? Is it a reflection and consequence of greater integration of Indian economy in the world economy as part of the globalisation process, on the one hand, and changing nature of the industrial, particularly manufacturing, sector where its linkages with agriculture and services, rather than its size as such, assumes greater importance? With the stagnant share of industrial sector in the economy and its declining employment potential, will the services sector expand fast enough to provide employment to increasing labour force? Will such an expansion be induced by growth in the industrial sector or will take place independently? Or, will the industrial sector still be providing employment of an increasing magnitude, particularly in its unorganised segment? It may be noted that employment generating capacity of the output growth in manufacturing and construction sectors is many times higher in the unorganised than in the organised segment, while the differences between the two segments in this respect are much lower in most sub-sectors in the services, particularly in transport and finance.

The above and other related issues arising out of the on-going changes in the structure of output and employment in the Indian economy are not only interesting from the an analytical academic viewpoint, but have strategic implications for the sustainability and equity of economic growth.

The institute permits full text downloading of select research studies on the Internet so that interested scholars can download them free. Acknowledgement and suggestions from the researchers are welcome to generate further discussions on the subjects and enhanced dissemination.

About the ISID Library
The ISID library maintains a specialized research library containing a rich collection of books, journals and reports primarily in the areas of industrial economics, foreign investment, employment and labour, media, corporate sector and related subjects. The library through its collection aims to provide an overall perspective regarding current issues and developmental policies to meet the needs of the users.

The collection includes the Bombay Stock Exchange Official Directory, publications of Department of Company Affairs, Dun and Bradstreets Who Owns Whom, and Janes Major Companies of Europe, publications of GATT/WTO, Reserve Bank of India, World Bank, UNCTAD, CMIE (EIS), NSSO, CSO, and Census etc. Its collection also includes Handbook of Economics Series (59 volumes—view list), New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (8 volumes), Encyclopaedia of Cities and Towns (27 volumes), The United Nations Library on Transnational Corporations (20 volumes) and reports, official documents such as policy statements, reports of committees, commissions and working groups, plan documents, statistical sources, acts, rules and guidelines.

The collection of unpublished documents consists of conference proceedings and papers, research reports, and working papers from various organizations. The library also holds a rare collection of prospectus of more than 6,000 companies issued at the time of public issue.

Media Centre
The last decade has witnessed phenomenal technological changes towards the integration of computing, audio-visual, graphics and animation techniques. The changes have opened up a variety of new avenues to gain a better understanding of socio-economic phenomena and to disseminate information and knowledge to the wider public and specified target groups quickly and at low costs. The Media Centre at the Institute seeks to develop expertise in translating social science research studies and public policy related reports into short duration audio-visual (AV) presentations. The Centre would be able to supply the AV presentations to universities and private cable networks. When offered on the Internet, multimedia presentations enable users to view the programmes at individuals convenience and pace. The spread of factual and well-researched information would help better appreciation of important economic and social issues and raise the level of debate.

There are not many who are trained to use this media purposefully. The Centre would provide training in production and presentation techniques, especially to groups from within the academic community. In the course of preparing and presenting the audio-visual programmes, the Centre can also help to create linkages between different researchers and institutions working on a particular set of issues.

Further, the power and pervasiveness of the communication media is an accepted fact of todays social life. Media and communication systems and their increasing convergence today pose a great challenge to not only academics engaged in the study of industrial monopolies but also for those concerned with the democratisation of communication. In an era when media symbolizes not only the concentration of power and wealth but also control and influence over the minds of people, the need to focus on this area becomes imperative.

Acknowledging this growing need, ISID proposes to undertake researches within the ambit of this Centre in the following areas:
* The growth and development of the media and related services;
* The nature and structure of the different types of media and cross-media relations;
* The nature of media and industry interface on industrial policy issues;
* Issues of communication strategy in industrial relations; and
* Issues related to media policy

Over the last few years the Media Centre of the Institute has built hardware capabilities for production of videos on subjects of importance. The Centre has access to professional equipment for in-house video film production, which includes a complete set of 3-CCD miniDV Camera (Panasonic), a miniDV Deck (Panasonic) and an iMac G5 (2.0 GHz/512 MB RAM/250 GB HDD). It also has the necessary equipment for conversion of video films into VCDs/DVDs.

The Centre has prepared two Documentaries:
* Documentary 1: ISID - A Modern Research Base
* Documentary 2: Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development- CRRID - A Forum for Debate and the third one,
* Washington Consensus and Privatisation.

Short Duration Films
A series of lectures were organized to familiarize the faculty and staff of the Institute about the relevance of multimedia in the activities of the Institute. The lectures delivered by Ms Seema Goyal. As a part of the programme, the faculty and staff divided themselves into four groups to select a theme and prepare a short documentary thereon.

The following four documentaries have been produced which were appreciated by experts from the field:
* Group1: KAHANI ZAMIN KI - A Struggle for an Address; (10:48 minutes)
The film depicts the efforts and frustrations through which the Institute had to pass before allotment and taking possession of the land allotted by the Delhi Development Authority for the new campus at Vasant Vihar Institutional Area.
* Group2: The Making of ISID Research Reference CD - A walk through; (06:02 minutes)
ISID has launched in April, 2001 a CD containing Indian Social Science Journal Index covering articles published in 83 journals in economics, political science, sociology, management, finance, corporate affairs and inter-disciplinary affairs with added features like index to Newspaper Articles (1990-2000), budget speeches, Economic Survey (General Review Chapters), policy documents, select statistics, website addresses etc. The process of development of the databases culminating in the release of the CD has been captured in this documentary.
* Group3: Of MNCs and GODs - (14:10 minutes)
A satirical drama with illustrations and data on the overbearing intrusion and dominance of the Multinational Corporations in the Indian economy and the Indian industries has been highlighted in the film.
* Group4: Dilli Bachao - (05:20 minutes)
Pollution of environment has been a much discussed topic in recent times. The gravity of the problem has been attempted to be captured in the film. The pollution of the environment by various agencies has been depicted.

Core faculty
* Prof. S.K. Goyal, Vice-Chairman and Professor Emeritus
* Dr M.R. Murthy, Director
* Shri K.S. Chalapati Rao, Professor
* Dr K.V.K. Ranganathan, Professor
* Ms Seema Goyal Papola, Professor
* Dr Jesim Pais, Assistant Professor
* Dr Mahua Paul, Assistant Professor
* Dr Partha Pratim Sahu, Assistant Professor
* Dr Satyaki Roy, Assistant Professor
* Shri Bhupesh Garg, System Analyst
* Dr P.L. Beena, ICSSR General Fellow
* Mr Narendra Jena, Research Associate
* Ms Nitu Maurya, Research Associate

Our Board of Governors
Dr Abid Hussain, former Indian Ambassador in US and former Member, Planning Commission of India

Prof. S.K. Goyal, Professor Emeritus, ISID, New Delhi

Shri T.N. Chaturvedi, Former Governor of Karnataka
Shri S.K. Misra, Former Chairman, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) and Former Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, New Delhi
Prof. G.K. Chadha, Chief Executive Officer, South Asian University, New Delhi and Former Vice Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
Prof. D.D. Narula, Former Member-Secretary, Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi
Shri C. Narendra Reddy, Senior Journalist, Hyderabad
Smt. Omita Paul, Adviser to Finance Minister, Government of India and Former Additional Director General, Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India)
Shri Kishore Lal, Secretary General, Centre of Applied Politics, New Delhi
Dr Vasanthi Raman, ICSSR Nominee, Senior Fellow, Centre for Womens Development Studies, New Delhi
Prof. K.S. Chalapati Rao, ISID

Ex-Officio Member
Member-Secretary, ICSSR, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India
Prof. M.R. Murthy, Director, ISID


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Media Centre (Institute for Studies in Industrial Development)
Job Vacancy: 11th May, 2010
Media Centre

Media Centre (Job Vacancy)

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