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Maitreyi College, New Delhi, Delhi


Maitreyi College, New Delhi, Delhi
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Bapudham Complex, Chankyapuri, Delhi
New Delhi (District New Delhi)
Delhi, India
Pin Code : 110021

Maitreyi College, New Delhi Delhi is a recognised institute / college.
Maitreyi College is situated in New Delhi of Delhi state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. New Delhi comes under New Delhi Tehsil, New Delhi District.

Fax # of Maitreyi College, New Delhi Delhi is +91-11-24101053.

email ID(s) is Maitreyi College New Delhi Delhi

Website of Maitreyi College, New Delhi Delhi is www.maitreyi.du.ac.in.

Contact Details of Maitreyi College, New Delhi Delhi are : Telephone: +91-11-24673815, 24101053, 24676211, 26111102


Maitreyi College, New Delhi Delhi runs course(s) in Arts, Commerce, Science stream(s).
B.A. (Hons) Economics
B.A. (Hons) English
B.A. (Hons) Hindi
B.A. (Hons) History
B.A. (Hons) Political Science
B.A. (Hons) Sanskrit
B.A. (Hons) Sociology
B.A. Programme
B.Com. (Hons)
B.Sc. Life Sciences
B.Sc. Physical Sciences
B.Sc. (Hons) Botany
B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry
B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics
B.Sc. (Hons) Physics
B.Sc. (Hons) Zoology
M.A. Mathematics
M.A. Political Science
PG Diploma
P.G. Diploma Nanotechnology

Approval details: Maitreyi College is affiliated with Delhi University, New Delhi (Delhi)

Profile of Maitreyi College

RTI & PIO Dr. (Ms.) Alka B. Vadakan
Department of Botany 24673815 (O)
41600454 (R)

Administrative Staff
Sh. Sameer Saini Administrative Officer 9555462429 / 9654909374

About College
Maitreyi College, a constituent College of Delhi University, was founded in 1967 by Delhi Administration. The College community is proud to bear the name of Maitreyi, who was an eminent scholar of the vedic period. Maitreyi, the wife of sage Yajnavalakya, chose knowledge over worldly possessions, when asked by her husband to make a choice between the two; the dialogue between Maitreyi and Yajnavalakya in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad shows Maitreyi as an empowered woman, making a considered choice for self realization through knowledge. It has been our objective to weave these values into the fabric of our education system which is a blend of the best of tradition and modernity.
The College made a modest beginning in a school building in Netaji Nagar with a staff of seventeen teachers offering only B.A. (Pass) and B.Sc. (General) courses. It has since made rapid progress both in size and stature. The College now offers postgraduate course in Mathematics and Political Science including honours course in Physical and Life Sciences, Commerce and Humanities. Our College has also started Post Graduate Diploma in Nanotechnology, the first such course in Delhi University. The college has another first to its credit by focussing on e-learning methodology to create teaching material and evaluation quizzes. The College also offers short term add-on courses in Webdesigning and Journalism to enhance the employability of students.
For the all round personality development of our students, the College has initiated programmes of awareness in health & fitness, legal aid services, disaster management and self defense.
The College Campus in Chanakya Puri is spread over ten acres of land in lush green surroundings with extensive play grounds and open spaces. We have a distinguished faculty of 115 teachers and 90 members for administrative support.
Apart from our excellence in academics, we have an established tradition of continuous achievements in the field of sports like Softball, Boxing, Handball, Yoga, Volleyball, Netball, Baseball, Basketball, NCC, NSS and Cultural activities.

Faculty Members
Dr. Rina Majumdar 41600825, 26277817, 9958440298 randr@airtelmail.in
Dr. Davinder Kaur 95120-2629447/ 4376147, 98181 56929
Dr. Alka B. Vadakan 241600454, 9810939799 alkabv@yahoo.com
Dr. Renuka Kashyap 95120-2444242, 9810517374 renukakashyap@hotmail.com
Dr. Adesh Rani 25953332
Ms. Divya Singh 26114611, 9871087290
Dr. Rama Sisodia
Dr. Atika Chandra

Dr. (Mrs.) Shanthi Kesavan 27182765, 9818016191 shanthikesavan@yahoo.com
Dr. (Mrs.) Amritha Anand 41652775
Dr. Pinkey Bajaj Gandhi 26689847, 9873087971 pinkeygandhi_46@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Sandhya Gupta 27194691, 9873982571 sandhyabhushan@yahoo.com
Dr. Gita Batra Narula 41588615, 9891551996 gitanarula@gmail.com
Dr.(Mrs.) Manju Mehta 27860099
Dr.(Mrs.) Padma Saxena 27025528, 9868815528 padma5466@yahoo.co.in
Dr. (Mrs.) Lata Nohria 42451488, 9350589910 lata_nohria@yahoo.co.in
Dr.(Ms.) Haritma Chopra 27324136, 9891919997 drharitmachopra@gmail.com
Dr.(Ms.) Ramesh Kumari 2525 9424, 9899171244 kmramesh_2006@yahoo.co.in

Dr. Ramesh Mandhan 27851948, 9891236085
Dr. Suman Gupta 22756828, 9811534041
Dr. Madhu Jain 26241548
Mrs. Nirmala Chauhan 22717736, 9971287793
Ms. Prachi Bagla 2559 0162, 9818015570
Ms. Shaifali 24673815
Ms. Sonal Babbari 24673815
Ms. Jyotsna 24673815

Mrs. Manju Bhardwaj 25267820 , 9818328553
Ms. Veena Ghuriani

Mrs. Pushpa Bansal 26512910, 9810178053
Mrs. Manju Aggarwal 26198150/ 26164543, 9818245316
Dr. (Mrs.) Adarsh Kumari Arora 27304384, 9811615272 salujaeru@hotmail.com
Mrs. Rachna 22790273, 9818544182
Ms. Aruna Saluja 65130393, 9891574005 salujaeru@hotmail.com
Ms. Nidhi Chand 28745028, 45082802 nidhiaryaman@yahoo.com
Ms. Preeti Mendiratta
Mrs. Saroj Rani

Mrs. Amla Gandhi 26891598, 9958684033
Mrs. Shobha Narain 26349159, 9212148800
Mrs. Rewa Nanda 29237992, 9818307749
Mrs. Shashi Munjal 41768422, 9811881119
Mrs. Nilima Mehra 26560953, 42651187, 9810621707
Ms. Rashmi Verma 9810322822
Dr. Shanta Dutta Roy 26895172, 9973387376
Ms. Anju Narain 26023704/ 2674, 9811665905
Mrs. Ratna Bhattacharya 26271616
Ms. Smriti Singh 9968320905 smriti752@yahoo.com
Ms. M. Tianla

Mrs. Veena Aggarwal 27312052, 9891242346
Dr. (Mrs.) Pushpa Kochhar 25556146, 9968295460 pushpa_kochhar@yahoo.com
Dr. Saroj Gandhi 26080337, 9891239478
Dr. Vinay Nanda 27474309, 9873334438
Dr. Shakuntala Kalra 9868735123, 9818477848
Dr. (Mrs.) Anila Sud 95120-4321022, 9810058466
Dr. Saroj Chandha 27019285, 27021602
Dr. Shashi Vashisht 269660161, 9911299699
Dr. (Mrs.) Sarla Chowdhry 26267027, 9810827099
Dr. (Mrs.) Yamini Gautam 25474902, 65960225, 9210723425
Dr. (Mrs.) Sneh Gupta 27013640, 9868012451
Dr. Mohini Bhanushali 261349317, 9810818482
Dr. (Mrs.) Usha Rakesh Jain 26095831, 9899056452

Dr. Sudha Tyagi 9810138636
Mrs. Neeta Singh 26038909
Dr. Prem Lata 26742859, 9899358930 premlata_du@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Gargi Chakravartty 26967201, 9868404851
Dr. Ranjana Bhattacharya 26271729, 9811913382
Ms. Kanti Arora 26898671, 98109 48395
Ms. Ritu Chahal Kumar 26414984, 9868111236
Dr. Lata Singh 22728429, 9868542857

Dr.(Mrs.) Pushpa Jain 28549501, 9818377647 drpushpajain@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Renu Khaneja 25930227, 9818270472 renukhaneja2000@yahoo.com
Mrs. Vijay Aylawadi 32594615, 9873494615
Mrs. Shashi Mishra 26185648, 9212064617
Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Garg 26493376, 26493378, 9811616468
Mrs. Rajni Gupta 27023283, 9971958559
Mrs. Elizabeth Michael 2224 4790, 9891158374
Ms. Geetan Khurana 2224 4790, 9891158374

Miss Shipra

Dr. Neelima Rani 287419510, 9891358290 rani_neelima@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Sadhana Pandey 26565872, 9810737472
Dr. Veena Mishra 2217 9097, 9891833927
Dr. Poonam Juneja 25082068, 9873011305 pjjuneja@hotmail.com
Dr. Kiran Sehrawat 25915590, 9868892725 kiranashwini2005@yahoo.com
Dr. Ritu Dhingra 45523738, 9868538992 ritudhingra@rediffmail.com
Dr. Shalini Lumb 27184043, 27197243, 9811092072 shalini_lumb@hotmail.com
Ms. Polly Biswas 22564048, 9868648923 biswaspolly@yahoo.com
Dr. Swapna Ray Jain 26741053, 9871002585 swapnarayjain@yahoo.com

Mrs. Vimla Dutta 22752992
Mrs. Vishu Bhalla 29240607, 9810489206
Ms. Indira Kohli 24101067, 9810763679
Dr. Nirmala Jain 2618 6895, 9810368789
Dr.(Mrs.) Padmini R. Narayanan 26001504
Dr.(Mrs.) Manju Subhash 27670637, 9873219994 msubhashg@gmail.com
Mrs. Yogam Datta 26021553
Dr. Vishnu Priya 26741243, 9810769382
Dr. Raj Lakshmi 27561367, 9911168387
Mrs. Pushpa Goel 22733500
Dr. Veena Vasudeva 26497169, 9810985905
Dr.(Mrs.) Kiran Pandey 25033540, 9810874239
Sh. Yogesh Chaurasia 9868485583

Dr. Harcharan Kaur 25998162
Dr. Surinder Kaur 27493837

Dr. (Miss) K. R. Shyaml 25611892
Dr. (Mrs.) Shashi Tiwari 25265237, 9810690322 shashit_98@yahoo.com,
Dr. Kamlesh Jain 25268848
Mr. Promod Kumar

Dr. Sarvjit K. Chopra 29233287 sarvjitchopra@hotmail.com
Mrs. Manjula Saxena 23618947, 9810893977 saxenamanjula@yahoo.com
Dr. (Mrs.) Mala Kapur Shankardass 95129-4118553, 9818138553 mkshank2001@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Anurita Jalan 27552439
Dr. Gopi Devdutt Tripathy 26510551 gopi.edit@gmail.com

Dr. (Mrs.) Nita Aeron 0120-431 6142, 9818219372 nita_aeron@rediffmail.com
Dr. (Mrs.) Promilla Madan 2624 2021, 9911174717
Dr. Versha Goel 25086777, 9818266521 vershag58@yahoo.com
Dr. (Mrs.) Ashi Tara Chand 95124-2218400, 9818587986
Mrs. Jyoti Choudhary 265943615, 9868006947
Ms. Brototi Ray
Dr. Renu Gupta

Sh. Pardeep Rai 25317054, 9899359373 prai@maitreyi.du.ac.in, raipardeep@gmail.com


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Junior Asstt (Maitreyi College)
Job Vacancy: 24th March, 2015
Junior Asstt

Section Officer (Job Vacancy)

Proffessor and Lecturers for English Botany and Hindi etc (Job Vacancy)

Professional Asstt and Junior Asstt etc (Job Vacancy)

Junior Asstt (Job Vacancy)

Asstt Professor (Job Vacancy)

Non teaching posts (Job Vacancy)

Junior Asstt (Job Vacancy)

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