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Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar, Haryana


Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar, Haryana
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Near Union Bank of India
Hisar (District Hisar)
Haryana, India
Pin Code : 125001

Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar Haryana is a recognised institute / college. Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar Haryana is also known as CRM Jat College.
Principal of Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar Haryana is IS Lakhlan (01662-225254, 98121-60154).

Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College is situated in Hisar of Haryana state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Hisar comes under Hisar Tehsil, Hisar District.

Contact Person(s) of the Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar Haryana is (are): Sunil Lamba President.

email ID(s) is Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College Hisar Haryana

Website of Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar Haryana is http://www.crmjatcollege.com.

Chairman : Mr. Sunil Lamba (Mobile 98133-00080).
General Secretary : Mr. Baljit Rana (Mobile 98121-41988).

Contact Details of Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar Haryana are : 01662-225254


Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar Haryana runs course(s) in Arts, Commerce, Science stream(s).

Approval details: Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College is affiliated with Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (Haryana)

Profile of Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College

In order to immortalize the memory of Seth Sir Chhaju Ram a great philanthropist and altruist of his time:- Chajju Ram Memorial Jat College was established in 1967. However, the seed of this institute had already been sown way back in 1926 in pre-independence era, when monumental building of Jat High School was got built by him in memory of his son, Adit Kumar. Later in 1926, another building for school hostel was added to it in memory of his another son, Ajit Kumar. Seth Chhaju Ram Ji (1865-1943) hailed from village Alakhpura in district Bhiwani. He had an inkling in those days that illiteracy was the cause of backwardness among ruralites. In order to eradicate this evil, he thought of disseminating education among the country people of the area by establishing this school at an estimated cost of Rs. 4 Lakh in those days. Seth Ji become riches by dint of his presence, forthright and benevolent nature. The school started imparting education upto matriculation, right from early thirties.

The credit for molding the concept of a school into a degree college can only be attributed to three late luminaries. They were founder President, late Ch. Suraj Mal Ji. General Secretary, Late Justice Davender Lamba and founder Principal, late Sh. S.S.Gill. Their contribution to the college has been an instance of rare devotion. Their tireless and continues effort were certainly of great help in meeting the challenges of the formative period of the college. It thus took shape of bloomed tree in 1967.

It is now deemed as a premier institution of Haryana which was initially a prestigious college affiliated to Punjab University, Chandigarh in July 1967. Later consequent upon an order from the Govt. of Haryana all the colleges of the state were affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra from the academic session, 1974-75. The college has been duly recognized by the UGC under section 2 (F) and 12 (B) for grant under UGC Act 1956 since its inception .The primary objective of the institution has been to bring about awakening among the rural youth by imparting higher education. With this purpose in mind, the college started functioning with a bare tally of 140 student in four classes, namely Prep Science, Prep Arts, B.A.I and B.Sc.I Having premonition about established colleges running Arts and Science faculties in those days the management of our college had introduced commerce faculty. This bold initiative gradually helped the instituting in winning a crowning glory in the field of education. Keeping pace with the need of globalization, the ensuing management have also been exhibiting equal enthusiasm in induction latest streams indifferent disciplines. In the initial stage the college had 13 member in teaching faculty and 13 others in administrative staff. Its central location in the town and a well fortified campus is not only facilitating to urban boys and girls but also to commuter hailing from suburban or rural areas. Since the college is situated in the vicinity of the Railway station and is also adjoining the main Delhi Highway, it accords easy access to avail of the facility of higher education.

It is a co-educational institution with a spacious boys hostel and a separate hostel for girls equipped fully with basic amenities of life. The college campus is also enriched and gifted with sprawling lawns, a football ground, hockey ground, kabaddi ground, basketball ground, volley ball ground. There is a modern stage cum open stadium suitable for conducting and hosting various cultural and literary functions. The college is providing canteen facility to students and parking services to boys and girls separately at two places. Internet services are available in our college and
E-mail address is � crm_jat_coll_hsr@yahoo.co.in.

Ours is multi faculty institute running successfully the faculties of Arts. Science and Commerce. The strength of students Electronics, B.A. in from bare 140 in 1967 raised to nearly to 3000 in present year ample testimony of its support from rural and urban population. Sensing the lure of the students for modern and latest subjects the college has introduced Computer Science, Industrial Chemistry, B.C.A., Bio-technology, Instrumentation, Mass Communication and Bachelor in tourism management in Physical Education Bachelor. The college is also having post graduation classes in Hindi and M.Com. Laboratories in Science faculty are fully furnished with latest equipments. Deptts. of Defence Studies and Geography are also contributing a lot in catering the needs of the students in their own way. The department of Geography is proud of having produced an alumni who are serving as lecturers in Geography in various colleges.


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Media coverage of Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar Haryana, Haryana

NAAC report of Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College

Section 1 : Introduction
The Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College was conceptualized in 1926 when the Jat High School was built by Seth Sir Chhaju Ram in memory of his son with the objective of eradicating rural illiteracy. The school was moulded into a degree College, formally established in 1967. Initially affiliated to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra this premiere institution of Haryana is now affiliated to Ch. Devi Lal University, Sirsa duly recognized by UGC under sections 2(f) and 12 (B).

The initial strength of 140 students has risen to 3096 students in the academic session 2003-2004. The strength of male students (2447) outnumbers the female students (649). Of the 84 teachers in the College, 58 are male teachers and 26 are female teachers. Apart from the self-financing courses the College has raised substantial revenue from donations and local authorities under Panchayati Raj.

Due to its central location and proximity to the railway station as well as the main Delhi highway, CRM College provides easy access to not only urban students but also rural aspiring youth, thereby fulfilling its objective of eradicating rural illiteracy.

Prior to the visit, the Peer Team comprising of Dr P. K. Mishra (Chairperson), former Vice- Chancellor, North Orissa University, Baripada, Orissa, Professor Ramesh Kapoor (Member), Head, Deptt. of Chemistry, Punjab University, Chandigarh and Dr (Mrs) Vineeta Kaur Saluja (Member), Principal, Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Marhatal Civic Centre, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, carefully perused and analyzed the self-study report submitted by the College. The entire programme of assessment and accreditation including the 3 day visit from 17th to 19th December, 2003 was most ably coordinated by Mr. B.S. Madhukar, Deputy Advisor, NAAC. A thorough scrutiny of all documents was carried out by the team which also interacted with all the constituents of the institution viz. Principal, teachers, students, staff and alumni.

Based on analysis of the self-study report, valuable inputs imbibed during the visit and interaction amongst the team members under the guidance of the Chairperson, the Peer Team has carried out the assessment and accreditation of CRM College, Hisar in accordance to the guidelines of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

Section 2 : Criterion Wise Analysis
Criteria I : Curricular Aspects
C.R.M. College is a co-educational College providing under-graduate education in Arts Science and Commerce faculties including. B.C.A. Though the College has been functional for the last 37 years it offers Post graduate degrees in only 3 subjects viz. I.T. and Hindi. The College has introduced Post-Graduate classes in Commerce from the current academic session.
The faculty of science comprises of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Maths, Computer Science, Biotechnology, Industrial Chemistry, Instrumentation and Electronics. Twelve departments constitute the faculty of arts including Defence Studies and Physical Education. Commerce, Economics, Mathematics and English constitute the faculty of Commerce. Although the College is bound to implement the courses as designed by the Kurukshetra/Ch. Devi Lal University but asserts its opinion in formation of the syllabus through the teachers who are members of Academic Council & Boards of Studies. The faculty members follow the practice of informal counselling to the rural population regarding admission to various courses.

The students of B.Sc Biotech, Instrumentation and Industrial Chemistry undertake 'on-job' training at neighbouring industries which is beneficial in providing much needed practical inputs to these professional courses.

The College should introduce a feedback mechanism from the academic peers and employers on its teaching programmes. The College has substantially achieved its goals by giving education to the rural youth of the area and also by giving adequate emphasis on producing national/international sportspersons.

Criterion II : Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
The College follows the norms of the State Government and Ch. Devi Lal University, Sirsa for admissions and applies the procedure of considering past academic performance for priority in admissions. Subsequently, the student's knowledge and skills for her/his specific course are assessed through assignments. The teachers motivate meritorious students towards higher achievements through extra coaching and guidance. The College does not provide any bridge or remedial courses to the academically weak or educationally disadvantaged students. The College may take corrective steps in this direction.

The teachers form a term-wise teaching plan which is monitored verbally by the respective H.O.Ds who communicate the same to the Principal. This practice may be formalised. The teachers in Departments of Geography, Botany, Zoology and Commerce supplement the conventional lecture methods with audio-video teaching aids as required. This may be followed by other departments. The University results of the classes taught by the teachers are also treated as a measure of gauging their performance, which is also reflected in ACRs and teachers diary.

It would be better for the College if it conducts programmes for faculty development other than the individual efforts of teachers in pursuing their Ph.D or orientation / refresher courses of UGC ASCs.

The College recruits teachers as per the laid down procedure of the State Government and Ch. Devi Lal University, Sirsa. The College does have the freedom to appoint temporary and adhoc teaching staff after appropriate advertisement and interview. The College has 57 regular teachers and 28 on temporary basis selected by Management to meet the workload. This is a note-worthy step by Management.

The College functions for 230 days with 158 days of teaching. The percentage of classes taught by regular faculty is 67% which should be enhanced. Evaluation methods are communicated to students by the teachers at the beginning of the session. The College also monitors the progress of the students through class tests and term tests. The parents are regularly informed about the progress of their wards which is a very useful monitoring mechanism.

Criterion III : Research, Consultancy and Extension
Of the 85 teachers, 16 have doctoral degree and 15 are M.Phil. Although the College takes interest in teaching, the research activities need to receive focus. Research work supported by University Grants Commission funded minor projects may be initiated to begin with. The College is advised to encourage teachers for undertaking research work leading to Ph.D. degree. The College is advised to utilize its academic expertise for providing consultancy services to external agencies particularly by the Departments of Commerce and Biotechnology.

The all round development of students is ensured by encouraging them to participate in NSS, NCC activities and various extra-curricular activities like community development, adult education, blood donation, environment awareness and campaign against female infantile. The performance of NSS and NCC is praise worthy.

It is also suggested that a person be kept Incharge to focus on extension activities.

Criteria IV : Infrastructure and Learning Resources
The College infrastructure comprises of adequate classroom and hostel accommodation for girls students. Infrastructural development is carried out from the revenue generated from fees, donation and grants-in-aid. Infrastructural maintenance is carried out from the building and dilapidation funds and is well maintained. Optimum utilization of the infrastructure facilities is ensured throughout the working hours daily. The campus beautification committee comprising of the staff is responsible for keeping it beautiful and pollution free. The Committee is actively performing its duties. The academic facilities are made available to the University for its Personal Contact Programs and examination work, which is a good practice.

The Library Committee comprising of staff members governs the functioning of an enriched library with a total of 41000 books. The library is accessible for 8 hrs daily, 6 days in a week. The library offers the book-bank facility to the students. The library needs to be fully computerized and also access to internet be provided in the Library and made available to all.

The computing facilities of the College are restricted to the computer department only with 36 computers which are maintained by technical assistants. The computer usage should be encouraged and the computer facilities should be extended to other departments.

The College has excellent facilities for sports and have grounds for Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Kabaddi and Athletics. The College also utilizes infrastructure of District sports department and Sports College of Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar for its sports activities.

Health services are provided at the clinic of the medical practitioner designated for the purpose. However, preliminary health services such as first aid should be established at the College campus. Appropriate hostels are maintained for girls. The building which used to be boys' hostel is not functioning due to lack of demand. The building may be put to alternate use as being planned by the Management at the earliest.

Criteria V : Students support and Progression
Prospective students are acquainted with the courses offered, the admission procedure, fee structure and other necessary details through the College prospectus published annually. The students avail financial aid in the form of various scholarships from the Central and State Governments. The Management also provides scholarship to deserving students, which is a welcome step.

The percentage of students appearing for the qualifying exams needs to be enhanced, thereby reducing the drop-out rate, which is quite high. The pass percentage at Under-Graduate level is about 60% in all courses with exception of Commerce, which has high pass percentage of 80% with 1/3rd securing first class and some of them holding positions in University examinations every year.

The College maintains a career corner in the Library. This needs to be strengthened by appointing a regular counselor for personal and career guidance and supported by a full-fledged Placement Cell.

The sports performance of the students is highly laudable with positions at University, State, National and International levels also. The College management motivates, encourages and rewards sports performance by providing free education, scholarships and sports kits.

The College has maintained an appreciable department wise list of alumni who can prove useful in the progression of present students. All round development of the students is aimed at through various extra curricular activities like cultural programmes, games, dance and music competitions etc. The performance of the College in cultural activities at University and State Level is commendable.

Criterion VI : Organisation and Management
The College is managed by C.R.M. Jat College Managing Committee comprising of 21 members with representations from the Government, University and elected representatives from the 25000 life members of the General House. The College has a well defined internal coordinating and monitoring mechanism implemented through various bodies like sports, library, youth and cultural affairs, discipline and advisory committees. A special committee has been constituted for preparing the academic calendar. An internal auditor audits the College accounts. The work efficiency of non-teaching staff is monitored by their immediate administrative superior and by HODs in case of lab attendants. The College is advised to conduct professional development programmes and provide training in the computer usage.

Though the College does not have a formal grievance redressal cell, a complaint committee is constituted to attend to matters of eve-teasing and sexual harassment.
Loans are given to teaching and non-teaching staff as per the norms of the University.

Criterion VII : Healthy Practices
The following are the healthy practices noticed by the Peer Team in the context of working of this College:-

Introduction of Self financing courses such as BCA, M.Sc.(I.T.), B.Sc. Electronics and B.Sc.(Instrumentation) to compliment the regular academic programmes.

Civic sense inculcated through various NSS and NCC activities.

Various quiz contests, talent search competitions, debates etc organised by subject societies contribute to the personality development of the students.

The College management endeavors to inculcate a sense of belonging in all its employees.

The College has signed MoUs with neighbouring Universities for providing industrial training to the students.

'Earn While You Learn' scheme open to the students financially supported by the Management.

From its inception in 1967, Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College has made astounding progress in the field of education. Through its good infrastructure and programmes, the College has attained the goal set by Seth Sir Chhaju Ram. The College has earned a good name in the surrounding areas by showing good overall performance in University examination especially in the faculty of Commerce and Hindi, and in winning several trophies in sports and cultural competitions year after year. The Peer Team is happy to note that such achievements have been quite commendable features for the institution. Large number of students are attracted to join the institution for achieving success in curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. A few other important features noted by the Peer Team are given below:-

The Management is pro-active and has given freedom and scope to the Principal and the Faculties to carryout academic progress.

The Principal by providing mature leadership is steering the College towards achieving its goals.

The College has been registered with the Govt. of India to receive aid under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976. Under the scheme, the College has applied for development of infrastructure to the Japanese Government but by submitting a project proposal of 1 crore.

New areas of interest like Computer Science, Information Technology, and Biotechnology have been introduced with good response from the students. The Department of Biotechnology has shown better performance and promise.

The teaching faculty of the College has it shown deep involvement in both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The Department of Commerce has earned a distinct name for quality education.

The Hindi Department has shown its interest in promoting literary creativity by publishing books and poems.

The teachers may be motivated to pursue research in order to improve the quality of education. Teachers with Ph.D. should encourage younger colleagues to pursue research.
The Management has shown interest to go in for job oriented courses like Bio-informatics, Industrial Micro-biology, and Diploma in French Language which should be introduced at the earliest.

Seminars, Science Exhibitions, Debate Competition and Group Discussions may be encouraged to involve the students and teachers' participation.

The Department of Political Science, Defence Studies, and Geography may be given financial assistance for study tour.

Student's interest for learning spoken English should be encouraged by creating a language
lab, and conducive atmosphere for enhancing spoken English skill.

A formal Alumni Association may be formed.

The College may initiate sincere efforts to increase the number of teaching days.

A formal mechanism to obtain feed back from the students may be introduced.

The College should take steps for optimum utilization of library facilities by faculty and students.

Teachers and staff should be initiated to the learning of Computers and all students graduating from the College should have a working knowledge of Computers.
Creative writing through wall magazines should be promoted further.

'Internal Quality Assurance Cell' may be created in the College for monitoring the quality levels of its academic and other programmes.

The members of the Peer Team would like to place on record the sincere thanks to the Principal, faculty, non-teaching staff/and students for their support and assistance during the visit of NAAC Peer Team. The Peer Team wishes the college all the best in future to achieve its goals and objectives.

Dr. P.K. Mishra

Prof. R. Kapoor

Dr. (Mrs.) V.K. Saluja

I.S. Lakhlan

Place : Hisar

Date : December 19, 2003



C.W.P. No. 20582 of 2008

DATE OF DECISION : 23.03.2009

State of Haryana and others ..... RESPONDENTS


Mr. Pankaj Nanhera, Advocate, for the petitioner.

The petitioner had applied for the post of Lecturer in Hindi in Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar, in pursuance of an advertisement.

She was not selected by the Selection Committee, whereas respondent No.6, who had also applied for the same post, was selected. Now, the petitioner has challenged the selection of respondent No.6 on the ground that she was wrongly given weightage of 5 marks for sports.

It is the case of the petitioner that the said weightage was granted without any base, as no Sports Certificate was annexed with the application. On December 08, 2008, counsel for the petitioner was directed to place on record some material to show that the said weightage was wrongly granted to respondent No.6, as she does not possess any Sports Certificate.

Now, the petitioner has placed on record the application of respondent No.6 as well as a Sports Certificate issued by the Haryana State Women's Hockey Association. According to the said Certificate, respondent No.6 had participated in the Haryana State Women's Hockey Championship, organized by Haryana State Women's Hockey Association held at Kurukshetra. Counsel for the petitioner states that the said Certificate is
forged one and was placed on record subsequently after the interview.

After hearing counsel for the petitioner, I am of the opinion that the petitioner is raising disputed question of fact. She has not got verified the said Certificate from the Haryana State Hockey Association as to whether the same was issued by it or not. She has not placed on record any other material, which indicates that the said Certificate is fictitious one. The mere allegation of the petitioner that the Certificate is fake cannot be accepted as a gospel truth. Again, it is disputed question of fact as to whether the said certificate was produced by respondent No.6 at the time of the interview or it was produced subsequently. These disputed questions of facts cannot be gone into in the writ jurisdiction.

In view of the above, I am not inclined to entertain the instant petition and the same is, hereby, dismissed.


Summary: Chhaju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar Haryana website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.