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Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha, Gujarat


Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha, Gujarat
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Unjha Nagarpalika College Building
Gujarat, India

Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha Gujarat is a recognised institute / college. Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha Gujarat was established on / in 1965.

Principal of Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha Gujarat is Dr.Rakesh G..

Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College is situated in Unjha of Gujarat state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Fax # of Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha Gujarat is 02767254070.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha Gujarat are 09426427893.

email ID(s) is Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College Unjha Gujarat

Website of Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha Gujarat is www.artscommercecollegeunjha.com.

Contact Details of Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha Gujarat are : 02767-254070


M.B.Nayak (Jun.clerk) Mobile 9714574526
Ph.D. Guide Name: DR. RAKESH RAO, Mobile 9426427893, Email Id: raorakeshg@yahoo.com


Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha Gujarat runs course(s) in Arts, commerce stream(s).

Approval details: Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College is affiliated with Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan

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NAAC report of Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College

Section: 1
Preface (Preamble)
Shree B.P. Brahmbhatt Arts and M.H. Guru Commerce College, Unjha, North Gujarat has volunteered to be assessed by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and prepared a Self-study Report (SSR) that was submitted to NAAC in January, 2007. The Council constituted a Peer Team to Visit the College and validate the Self-Study Report. The peer Team consisting of Professor Uday Jain, as Chairperson ( former Vice- Chancellor, Awadesh Pratap Singh University, Rewa, M.P.), Professor B.G. Jadhav (former Principal, Marathwada Mitra Mandal's College of Commerce, Pune.) as a member coordinator , and Professor K.M. Mathew (former Dean and Registrar, Goa University, Goa.) as member visited the institute for two days i.e. 9th and 10th March 2007. Shree B.S. Madhulkar, Deputy Advisor, NAAC, Bangalore was In-charge of the pre-visit arrangements.

Shree B.P. Brambhatt Arts and M.H. Guru Commerce College, Unjha, North Gujarat, was established in 1965 in the semi-urban area of North Gujarat with a view to provide higher education to the economically backward and underprivileged classes. The college which is a grants-in-aid institution is affiliated to Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan and recognized by the UGC under 2(F) and 12(B) in 1988. The vision of the college has been stated as "to co-relate class-room teaching with the practical side of life and reality, to create a healthy, secular and democratic environment, which can nourish basic human values'. The mission of the college is 'to enhance and improve quality and standard of education as needed in a rapidly changing society so that the institution is able to achieve its mission by providing under-graduate and post-graduate courses in Arts and Commerce faculties.' The college has Arts and Commerce faculties with- 7 departments, namely English, Economics, Psychology, Gujarati, Hindi, Commerce and Political Science. All the departments are engaged in undergraduate teaching and three departments started post graduate teaching in Commerce, English and Gujarati. The college has in its campus center for self-financing courses of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar University/ Open University.

The various academic programmes are conducted by a total of 23 teachers including 16 permanent, 3 temporary and 4 part-time lecturers. There are 15 members of non-teaching staff. The college has 1885 students out of which 1546 belonging to U.G. and 339 to the P.G. Stream. The unit cost of education with salary component is Rs. 6295 and excluding salary is Rs. 1265.

Keeping in the mind the goals and visions of the institution, the Peer Team carefully analyzed and SSR submitted by the college. The Team verified the institutional and other data presented and confirmed the facts during the two days visit to the college through interaction with the Management, Principal, Steering Committee members, faculty, students, parents, alumni and administrative staff. The Peer Team also visited all academic facilities available in the college. Accordingly, the assessment of the college under the various criteria as presented by the NAAC has been made. The criterion-wise observation including the strength and issues of concern institution are detailed in the following pages.

Section: 2
Criterion Wise Analysis
Criterion-I: Curricula Aspects
The college managed by the Unjha Education Board, Unjha and affiliated to Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan. follows the curriculum prescribed by the University for Various Courses of study at U.G. and P.G. levels. It is a matter of satisfaction that some faculty members of the college are the members of Boards of Studies of the university. The college obtains feedback from the concerned stakeholders regarding the teaching and completion of syllabus. There is a need to strengthen and formalize the feedback mechanisms from the student's regarding the syllabus and to suggest desirable changes to the concern Board of studies in the university. The curriculum is reviewed and revised periodically by the University. The college offers programmes at B.A. level with the subject Gujarati, English, Hindi, Psychology, Economics and Political Science in the Arts faculty and B.Com with seven subjects at P.G. level, M.A. in Gujarati, Hindi as subsidiary, M.A. in English and M.Com were introduced. Hence the institution is providing elective options to further the curricular aspects. The college can plan to introduce some add-on courses as envisaged by U.G.C.

Criterion II: Teaching - Learning and Evaluation
The college is in a semi-urban area of Gujarat and receives applications from all the strata of the community. College follows the reservation and admission rules as stated by the university and state Govt. Separate merit lists for reserved and unreserved categories of applicants are announced before admission. Looking at the variety of students and semi-urban area, arrangements for remedial classes may be initiated by the college.

The College provides the syllabus and plan of teaching, curricular and co-curricular activities and the method of evaluation to the students at the commencement of the academic session. Teachers are requested to make their plan for teaching the respective courses and to fix time for completing the syllabus. Teachers of the college pay individual attention to judge the progress of the students and help them by providing study material, and motivate them to work hard in order to come at par with other good students.

The teachers are appointed as per university and state government norms, depending on the work load. The college has freedom and financial strength to appoint temporary and ad-hoc staff.

Management encourages teachers to participate in seminars, conferences and workshops, refresher courses and orientation programmes. Self-appraisal system for teachers has been initiated from this very session and needs to be formalized.

The students are evaluated by two internal examinations followed by University annual exams. The provision of 30% internal marks at the U.G. level and the occasional class tests have motivated the students to remain prepared and regular in the classrooms. The college may try to introduce a formal continuous evaluation system.

Criterion-III Research Consultancy and Extension
The college is not a research center, but promotes research culture by encouraging the teachers. Five teachers have completed their Ph.D and three in M.Phil, after joining this college.

A few teachers have published text books and articles in the news papers. It will be better if faculty members are encouraged publishing research articles in the Journals. They can also utilize the financial support available from various funding Agencies for Major and Minor Research project.

Teachers are yet to be involved in consultancy services; however, through NSS unit extension activities such as earth-quake relief camps in Kutch, collection of funds for flood victims, lectures on de-addiction etc. are conducted, which deserves appreciation. The college has linkages with some NGOs of the area and students and faculty join in collaborative social activities.

It is appreciated that college have signed MOUs with Banks and Unjha Pharmacy for providing job opportunities to the qualified graduates of this college.

Criterion IV: Infrastructure and Learning Resources:
The college campus is spread in an area of 2.5 acres of land with a built-up area of 4401 Sq. meters. During the four decades, the college has developed adequate infrastructure facilities. The college has 46 rooms including administrative, office and staff room, health centre, NCC room, N.S.S. room, sports room, library hall and girl's room. Since the building is shared by Distance Education Section, the Management makes optimum utilization of the buildings by running different shifts.

The college has a central library with an advisory committee looking after its development and supervision. The library has 17752 general books including 461 reference books. In addition it houses a book bank with 1860 text books. It has computer but no Xerox machine, as number of xerox centers are near the college. The college has a plan to computerize the library as it has installed SOUL - library software. Library needs to subscribe to more subject journals.

The college has four computers for the use of office and library. The exclusive provision of computers to the teaching staff has so far not been made, but teachers can make use of these computers for academic purposes.

The college has a large play-ground with a provision for volleyball, handball and Kabaddi etc. The gymnasium and athletic appliances are also available. A sports committee looks after promotion of sports among girl's students. Outstanding sports students are given preference in admission.

It is commendable that the college men and women teams participated in the hand ball, volley ball and yogasana and many more events at State Level (inter collegiate tournaments), regional level and national level and even bagged the prizes.

There is no canteen facility and hostel facility for students. The amenities like drinking water, clean toilets are adequate.

Criterion V: Student Support and Progression:
The college has developed certain student's support facilities. The college prospectus is published annually containing information about the profile of the college, admission guidelines for different courses, fee structure, aims and objectives of the college and co-curricular activities etc. The financial help in terms of Govt. Scholarships is available for OBC, S.C./S.T. students and for handicapped. In the year 2005-06, 306 students received financial help. For advising and counseling, separate committee has been made at the college. Teachers are involved through these committees to provide counseling and attending to student's grievances. Employment cell of the college provides news of vacancies on notice board and arrange informative lectures.

The college has an alumni association, which organises various academic and social programmes. It organizes functions to generate funds for the victims of natural disasters, for welcoming new entrants etc. Many of the alumni members are at prestigious posts.

The college has started for organizing the talks of legal experts to provide legal literacy to women. Indoor games are duly promoted in the college. Table tennis and Lawn tennis facilities are available. Facilities for outdoor games, volleyball, handball and kabaddi are provided. Students are provided various services like giving prizes and medals for those who have achieved ranks and given textbook free to those who secure first class. The students who take part in sports are supplied with track suits, shoes, jersey and shorts. During the sport event, participants are given TA and other permissible allowances. Outstanding sports persons are awarded medals, certificates and cash prizes by the college.

It is appreciated that a number of awards are available for meritorious students, donated by citizens, Education Board, and the trust. Both the male and female students have won the prizes in sports competition and they participate in extra curricular activities.

Criterion VI : Organization and Management :
The Unjha Education Board manages this college. The college management committee is responsible for designing policy decisions and it also co-ordinates and monitors the internal mechanism. The college has different committees to look after the administration. The committees' meetings are held from time to time. The college also forms committees for specific purposes as per requirements. Regular staff meetings are held to address the problems of teaching and non-teaching staff. The accounts are regularly maintained and audited by statutory auditors and the department of higher education. The documents are kept in order.

The college has an effective committee for academic calendar. It takes care of all academic issues. The tentative sketching of the activities to be done during the academic year is done under the supervision of the Convener of the committee. University academic calendar's reference is taken while preparing the academic calendar.

The management is taking steps to constitute redressal committee as and when required. It has a grievance redressal mechanism for employees.

The college also has a good in built mechanism to check the work efficiency of the non teaching staff. The Principal and Supervisor of the office keep the overall check on all important records of the college.

Criterion VII: Healthy Practices:
The Peer Team has identified certain healthy practices in the college which enhance the academic ambience of the institution. These are:

The college is constantly making efforts to maintain quality of teaching and learning through formal and informal methods.

College organizes field visits to banks and other industries to give practical experiences to the students.

Value based education is imparted through various activities including NSS and NCC.

To develop the students' social orientation, college has linkages with two active local NGOs.

The college has a Gymnasium with sophisticated gadgets.

Faculty members help in some administrative work.

The college has entered into MOUs with ISO companies, Pharmacy for practical training of the students and to give them opportunities of employment. The college has made an arrangement for Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University Study Center which helps the students to mould their career and personalities by catering professional education.

National days like- Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher's Day etc. are observed to inspire the students towards spirit of patriotism and sense of gratefulness to freedom fighters, etc.

The college has organized several programmes to enable students to imbibe civic responsibilities and to create awareness about AIDS, Environment, De-addiction, Women judicial laws-awareness, Blood donation through camps, health and hygiene awareness etc.

Some of the teaching staff members have rendered voluntary service during Tsunami calamity, Kashmir and Kutch Earthquakes and donation towards these calamities by the college staff and students along with alumini indicates the concern for the fellow beings of our nation.

The college has been making efforts to lend community oriented services. They include-

Association of teachers with social, cultural, religious, literacy, professional organization.

Participation of NCC and NSS volunteers in programme like:

AIDS Awareness

Literacy camp in Slum area

Environmental Awareness

Women Judicial Laws Awareness

Health and Hygiene Awareness Camp

Blood Donation Camp

Peace Army

A Search for Talent

Collecting funds for the victims of the natural calamities

Section - 3:
Overall Analysis
The Peer Team makes the following observations and suggestions based on the visits made to the departments and discussions held with different stakeholders.

The deep concern of the management in providing higher education to the disadvantaged sections of the semi-urban community is appreciable.

Involvement of teachers in a number of committees is a good practice.

The college is a center to run number of distance education programmes.

Large number of cash prizes to encourage meritorious students by teachers and donors.

Extension activities through NSS.

The examination results are consistently good at both U.G. and P.G. levels.

Involvement of Alumni in development and support to the college.

The dropout rate has been reduced in the last few years.

The Peer Team after considering the commendable aspects of the college wishes to make the following suggestions for the quality improvement of the institution.

The self-appraisal system and other methods of feedback from the faculty and students needs to be formalized.

Institution is involved in neighbourhood network but needs a formal record to provide evidence as well as to strengthen the same.

The mechanism for evaluation of teachers and staff by students and parents need to be upgraded.

The Alumni Association needs to be strengthened and concrete programs need to be chalked out and implemented. The involvement of the Alumni in the development of the institution is advisable.

Attempts may be made to start add-on courses at UG level.

Counseling system may be strengthened.

Communicative English workshops-to be organized to train both students and staff in communicative skill.

Library has to be strengthened with more number of reference and latest books and Journals.

Departments need to be strengthened with more facilities like separate room, department library and computer etc.

Computer literacy program for teaching and non-teaching staff and all students could be taken up in a phased manner.

Sports facilities need to be further strengthened by training in indigenous sports and athletic so that more students can actively participate in sports and games.

Many departments, namely economics, statistics, Business laws need regular teachers.

Canteen facility may be provided with in the campus.

Computer with internet facilities may be introduced on a priority basis.
English medium may also be introduced at U.G. and P.G. level.

The sectioned positions in the office may be filled as early as possible.

More optional courses be introduced in Arts and Commerce faculties.

A laboratory for Psychology Practical may be established to make effective teaching and counseling.

The pear team is of the option that it will be useful to the college to initiate quality enhancement strategies towards excellence. It places on record its appreciation and thanks the Management, Principal, faculty, steering committee, administrative staff, students, alumni and parents for the wholehearted co-operation and hospitality extended to it during its visit to the college.

Prof. Uday Jain.

Prof. B.G. Jadhav
(Member Co-ordinator)

Prof. K.M. Mathew

Shri K.L. Shah
(Principal In-charge)

Date: 10-03-2007

Summary: Shri BP Brahmbhatt Arts and MH Guru Commerce College, Unjha Gujarat website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.