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Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli, Gujarat


Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli, Gujarat
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Yogi Nagar, Dhari, Amreli, Gujarat
Amreli (District Amreli)
Gujarat, India
Pin Code : 365640

Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli Gujarat is a recognised institute / college. Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli Gujarat was established on / in 1993.

Principal of Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli Gujarat is Rajubhai Dave.

Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College is situated in Amreli of Gujarat state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Amreli comes under Amreli Tehsil, Amreli District.

Residence Phone No(s) of concerned peron(s) of Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli Gujarat is (are) : 221311.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli Gujarat are 9428621700.

email ID(s) is Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College Amreli Gujarat

Contact Details of Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli Gujarat are : 02797-221599

Dr. Mukesh P.Vyas (Lecturer)Mobile 9879078504


Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli Gujarat runs course(s) in Degree stream(s).

Approval details: Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College is affiliated with Saurashtra University, Rajkot (Gujarat)

Media coverage of Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli Gujarat, Gujarat

NAAC report of Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College

Dhari is a birthplace of Yogibapa. The great divine Saint Param Pujya Sahebji established the Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalaya in the year 1993 with the main objective to provide quality education for the girls of rural area. The institution is a kind tribute to Yogiji Maharaj. The mission of the college is to educate a girl child, who can face the challenges of modern world and sustain the greatest and noblest heritage of glorious past culture, civilization and spiritualization. University Grants Commission recognized college under 2(f) and 12(B) on 29th September 2003. The campus area is 7468 sq.mts. Located in rural area of District Amreli, Gujrat.

The College is an undergraduate girl's college having Arts and Commerce faculty. It is Grant-in-Aid institution affiliated to Saurashtra University, Rajkot. The total Strength in the Arts faculty is 484 and in commerce faculty 64 students. The college follows annual system. The total number of permanent teachers is 12. Fifty three percent of them possess Ph.D. degree. They have 06 non-teaching staff. During the academic year 2005-06, the unit cost of education is Rs. 8092.48 with salary and Rs. 1002.97 excluding salary. The facilities at the college include library, sports field,

Computer lab, Girls Common room, canteen and student centre. The college is going to start hostel facility from the next academic session. The college functions 210 days with 185 teaching days. The total numbers of books in the library are 8400. Three students of college cleared NET examination. The drop out rate; is only four percent for Arts and six percent for Commerce faculty.

Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalaya Mahila Arts & Commerce College, Dhari approached the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Banglore for accreditation and submitted the Self Study Report; in the month of January, 2007. The NAAC constituted a peer team consisting the following members to visit and to assess the institution and validate the Self-Study Report.

Prof. V.B. Ghuge, Chairperson
(Former VC Dr. B.A.M. University)
J1N5, Vijayasri Colony

Prof. T.N. Mathur, Member - Coordinator
Professor of Commerce
University of Rajasthan,
Jaipur-302004, Rajasthan.

Prof. Rajshekhar M., Member
Former Principal
Dr. Nitte Shankara Adyanthaya Memorial
First Grade College
Nitte - 574110, Udupi Distt.

Prior to the visit the peer team carefully studied the report submitted by the college and has made a detailed analysis of facts and figures. The peer team visited the college on 23rd and 24th February 2007. Prior to the visit the members of the team met on 22nd February to discuss and exchange notes on the Self-Study Report and

formulated modalities for the validation process. The peer team had a detailed discussion and interaction with the principal, faculty members, students, Administrative staff, parents and Alumni. The team also visited various infrastructure facilities and verified documents. Based on the above exercise the Peer Team Presents, criterion wise assessment, overall analysis and recommendations as part of this report. At the end an exit meeting was held on 24th Feb. 2007 during which a copy of the draft report was formally handed over to the Principal of the college.

Section 2: Criterion-wise Analysis
Criterion 1: Curricular Aspects
It is a girl's undergraduate grant in Aid College affiliated to Saurashtra University, Rajkot. The medium of instruction is Gujarati. Yogi Vidhyapith manages the college. The college started in the year 1993. The college offers two undergraduate programmes in Arts and Commerce faculty. The college offers following subjects:

(a) Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - English, Hindi, Hindi Special, Gujrati Special, Psychology, Sanskrit and Economics.

(b) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) - Financial Accounting, Company Law, Economics, Human Resource Management, Income Tax, Statistics, Auditing, Cost Accounting.

Of the nine Career-Oriented Programmes sanctioned by the UGC, the college has started two of the programmes - in Advertising, Sales promotion and sales management (in Commerce faculty) And Communication Skills (in Arts and social science faculty). The college follows annual system in their academic programmes.

Since college is affiliated college, the Saurashtra University, Rajkot, decides the curriculum. Eight teachers of the college are contributing in the revision and designing of the curriculum in various subjects by participating in Board of Studies Meeting of the

University to their respective subjects as member. At college level, they have advisory committee to design and recommend the changes in the academic programmes on the basis of feedback received from the students and parents.

Criterion 2: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
Students are admitted on the basis of their academic record in the qualifying Examination. Being an affiliated college and Grant-in-Aid institution the college follows rules and regulations of the State Government and Saurashtra University, Rajkot. The college devotes 185 days for teaching. The college has 12 permanent teachers and two temporary teachers. The ratio of permanent teacher and student is 1:44.6. The college encourages the teachers to make teaching plan in the beginning of the session. Head of the Department monitors the teaching plan of each teacher. However there is no structured teaching plan. Teaching is done through traditional lecture method though it is supplemented by seminars, project work and guest-lectures. Beside this students also visit local courts, Banks, industrial establishment for their practical exposure. The college also arranges remedial courses for the under-privileged students.

To monitor the student's academic performance teacher keeps the record of academic progress of each student and principal monitored it on monthly basis. The college also conducts weekly, monthly test and mid term examination. At the end of each academic year teachers submitted a teaching completion report along with his diary.

The college encourages teachers to organise and participate in faculty improvement programme. The college organizes twenty-eight seminars and workshops. As per the requirement teachers are given additional work of administrative nature.

The college encourages research aptitude among teachers and students. Teachers are motivated for academic advancement by awarding cash prize of Rs. 5000/- after completion of Ph.D. Those teachers who opt for research programmes are given study leave. The students are assigned books review as a part of research learning. For this purpose they are provided reference books and other material free of cost. Seven teachers have a qualification of Ph.D. Three teachers have applied for being research guide. The college was granted two minor research projects by the UGC, of which one
has been completed. It is note worthy that the college has applied for two more similar projects. Eighteen research papers and the faculty members have published five books. The college teachers attend nine National level and two International level seminars. A lecturer of Sanskrit department has been sanctioned a project to collect manuscript and sixty seven manuscripts have been collected.

Teachers are given additional charge for conduct of extension activities. The NSS unit of the college organises various social activities in the different areas of the city like tree plantation, anti-addiction drive, hygiene and sanitation awareness, clearing and medical camps. Beside this college also celebrates Sanskrit Day, Hindi Day, Birthday of literary persons, lectures of experts and study camp.

The college is located in the rural area having campus of 7468 Sq.mts. the total built up area in the college is 2407.1 sq.mts. The college utilizes its resources to providing infrastructure so as to facilitate the teaching learning process.

The maintenance of the infrastructure is through supervision. Over the years of the college has maintained a green, clean and beautiful campus.

The college library has an advisory committee. There is a book bank facility. The library is well stacked as it has a total 8400 books and 25 journals. The library works on all the days except public holiday. The working hours of the library is 9 hours per day and on holidays it works for 07 hours only in examination period. The college has planned to computerise the Library systems. The librarian is qualified with M.LISc. Degree.

The college has ten 386 computer and four P-III computers in a computer lab which also has reprographic machine. Infrastructure facilities for indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess and out door games like volley ball, cricket, badminton are available for the students.

The college has twelve classrooms. The classrooms are good in size and they are adequate in number as per the requirement of academic programmes. The college has a hostel facility with three rooms to accommodate twelve students. A seminar room equipped with LCD projector, two OHPs and Television is provided. The facility of rest room for students and canteen are points of special mention.

The college attempts to provide services so as to augment and promote progress of students. Students are performing well and obtaining good percentage in University examination. The students obtained rank in the University examination in the subjects of Psychology, Sanskrit and Gujrathi. There is drop out rate of 4% in Arts and 6% in Commerce faculty, this is due to early marriage of girl child in rural area.

The University First Rank holders are awarded a cash prize of Rs. 15,000/- and students securing highest marks in different subjects are awarded gold medal every year by the college/ Management.

The college publishes its prospectus, which contains a brief history of the college, rules regarding admission, fee structure, internal examination system and other relevant information. The college offers some scholarships and freeships as per the Government and the University norms. The college distributed 16 Government and 6 institutional scholarships during the year 2005-2006. Besides this eighteen students are given financial support of their studies. Three student cleared NET examination.

The teachers of the college informally give career guidance to the students. There is no formal modus operandi for bridge and remedial courses. Teachers also provide academic and personal counselling to students through Student Counselling Centre. Guest lectures and special lectures by expert from the academic institution, industries, and banks are some of the good features. The college has alumni association and parent teachers association.

The college has efficient internal coordination and monitoring mechanism. The college co-ordinates its work through the local administrative committee and various committees are assigned with specific functions. There is an inbuilt mechanism to check the work efficiency of the non-teaching staff. There is an internal audit system. The unit cost of education is Rs. 8092.48 with salary and Rs. 1002.97 without salary.

The college have given additional responsibilities to teachers for functioning in various administrative committees. Local administrative committee and other committees meet regular to monitor the progression. The college have grievance redressal committee to solve the problems of teachers, student and staff. The college has various welfare and development programmes for non-teaching staff. Loans and medical facility is available for teaching and non-teaching community.

The Peer Team observed some healthy practice which enhance the academic progression of the college:

As the only girls college in rural area Dhari, It has made gradual progress in pursuit of providing opportunities for higher education to girls.

The teaching faculty of the college is devoted and committed to the institution. They have been undertaking many useful activities like educational tours, medical camps etc. in addition to their regular work.

The college is doing well in developing a student's feed back in the enhancement of the teaching learning process.

A continuous education of the student's academic performance is executed by means of weekly, monthly test and terminal examination.

To encourage teachers to take up research and higher studies they are given cash award on completion.

The students are given the assignments of reviewing books in order to enhance their analytical abilities and writing skills.

The college encourages meritorious students and rank holders students by awarding Gold medals and Cash Prizes respectively to further motivate them for excellence.

Regular prayer and religious lectures in the morning to inculcate value based education
Self help groups to provide financial assistance to the faculty members.

Section 3: Overall Analysis
The peer team, after going through the self study report and after its visit to the various academic and physical facilities, would like to appreciate the efforts taken by Management and Principal to provide education to rural background girl students.

The college was established in the year 1993 with undergraduate programme in arts and commerce faculty. In more than 14 years of its existence this college has made gradual progress in its pursuit of providing opportunities for higher education in rural area of Dhari. The strength of the college has increased due to good success rate. The present Principal of the college maintains very good report with local people, administration, university and his colleagues in academic and administration method and desire for its growth. The college has focused on its objective in imparting higher education to female child, providing them spiritual training through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and grooming their personality.

Though the college has affiliated status, it follows the rules and regulation laid down by the Saurashtra University, Rajkot as well as by the State Government of Gujarat. Some faculty members are in the Board of studies also, thus the college has partial freedom to make some changes in their curricula at U.G. level.

Within the constraints of the socio-economic milieu in which the college functions it is attempting to provide higher education and value based education to its students. The management is genuinely concerned to provide education to rural female youth. With changing times it needs to reorient the educational process to present and future needs and make concentrated efforts towards offering vocational and career-oriented programmes.

However, in view of the fast changing trends in recent times the college should make greater and extra efforts to fulfil the mission. This view in mind the peer team suggests the following points for future development of the college.

Technical infrastructure of the college is to be enhanced. Thus a central computing facility with Internet and Local Area Network may be set up for research and for use of students.

The office system needs to be computerised. For this it is required that all office personnel should be trained with computer technology.

The College needs to encourage teachers to attend National and International Seminars /
Conference to update their knowledge in their respective subjects.

The teachers of the college should take life membership of all India Level professional body of their respective subjects.

The teachers need to publish research papers in National and International journals.

Faculty members may be motivated to apply for minor or major research projects to funding agencies like UGC and ICCSSR.

The administration and college faculty may draw a plan to lay more emphasis on research and consultancy.

Considering the girls college it would be in the interest of the college and Dhari to establish a women empowerment call through which activities of feminine interest may be initiated.

For vocational training commerce laboratory may be set up to enhance information regarding banking, export-import-documentation and tax planning.

The college may also start short-term job oriented courses on mobile and telephone repairs and computer hardware maintenance.

Since the college in an all girls' institution, it may consider starting bachelor degree programmes in Home Science, fashion design, computer application and Fine Arts.

The college may consider to start Post Graduate courses in Psychology, Gujarati and Commerce.

The college should apply to appropriate authority to start M.B.A., B.Ed. and Law courses.

More books may be added in all subjects.

More journals / periodicals may be subscribed to the library. For the benefit of students and faculty the cataloguing work has to be done immediately.

A well-equipped English language laboratory will be useful to train students in communication skills.

The Career Guidance and counselling centre may be set up. Utilizing the services of psychology teachers the college may start psychological counselling for the students.

Alumni Association may be registered at the earliest. It can take active role in developing academic activities.

There is a need for a Physical Education Teacher in the college to motivate and monitor the students to take up Sports and Game activities.

The members of the peer team would like to place on record their sincere thanks to the Managements, Principal, Faculty, Non-teaching staff, Parents and alumni for their support and assistance during the visit. The peer team wishes all the best in future and sincerely hopes that the institution will grow into a great centre of learning with national recognition.

Prof. V.B. Ghuge

Prof. T. N. Mathur

Prof. Rajshekhar M.

(Dr. Rajeshkumar K. Dave)

Date: 24th February, 2007

Summary: Yogiji Maharaj Mahavidyalay Mahila Arts and Commerce College, Amreli Gujarat website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.