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Marwari College, Darbhanga, Bihar


Marwari College, Darbhanga, Bihar
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Bihar, India
Pin Code : 846004

Marwari College, Darbhanga Bihar is a recognised institute / college.
Principal of Marwari College, Darbhanga Bihar is Dr. Md. Rahmatullah (Mobile 9431443438).

Marwari College is situated in Darbhanga of Bihar state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. email ID(s) is Marwari College Darbhanga Bihar

Contact Details of Marwari College, Darbhanga Bihar are : 06272-222196


Marwari College, Darbhanga Bihar runs course(s) in Arts stream(s).

Approval details: Marwari College is affiliated with Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga

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NAAC report of Marwari College

Section 1 : Preface
The Marwari College Darbhanga volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and conducted the preliminary self-study in early 2003. The self-study report was submitted to NAAC by the institution in September 2003. To visit the institution and validate the self-study report the Council constituted a Peer team. The Peer team consisting of Prof. S.N.Behera former Vice-Chancellor Berhampur University as chairperson and Professor Dr.Nihar Ranjan Patnaik, Professor, P.G.Departmen of History, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack as Member Co-ordinator visited the college during 17th and 18th January 2005. The Marwari College, a Coeducational institution of L.N.Mithila University covering a total area of 8.675 acres established in 1958 is now a constituent college of the University. Today it stands with an enrollment of 1420 students. The College offers 36 programmes, including 22 undergraduate courses ,02 Diploma Courses , 02 Certificate courses and 01 Sanskrit course .It is also going to offer 09 Career Orientation courses in near future. The institution got its UGC recognition under 2f in November 1976.The College has an Urban location.

The college has a well-qualified teaching faculty strength of 58 including 52 permanent teachers, out of which 06 are part time teachers. There are 64 non-teaching staffs. The college has a central library, Computer Center , Health Center , Sports facilities , a Boy's hostel which is under renovation, a canteen , and a grievance redressal cell. The PEER team carefully perused and analyzed the self-study report submitted by the institution. During institutional visit, the team went through all the relevant documents , visited the Departments and the facilities, and interacted with various constituents of the institution. The academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, sports and extension facilities of the institution were visited .The PEER team also interacted at length with the Vice-Chancellor and other representatives of the university, Head of the institution, faculty, non-teaching staff, students, parents and alumni of the institution. Based on the above exercise, and keeping in mind the criteria identified by NAAC, the PEER team has taken the value judgment. The assessment of the institution under various criteria , the commendable features of the institution as well as the issues of concern are given in the following pages. On behalf of the NAAC the PEER Team's visit was co-ordinated by Dr. B.R.Manjunath, the Academic consultant.

Section 2 : Criterion wise Analysis
Criterion I : Curricular Aspects
As constituent Unit of L.N.Mithila University , Darbhanga , the college follows the syllabi prescribed by the University for Social Science , Humanities , Science & Commerce faculties at the under graduate level , in the non-semester (annual) pattern. The college provides teaching in 5 science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Botany , Zoology & Mathematics and 12 Arts Subjects like English , Hindi , Sanskrit , Maithli, Psychology, Geography, Pol. Science , History , Economics , Philosophy , Sociology and Mathematics. All these subjects are provided with Honours teaching and general course. Commerce faculty provides teaching in general course and Honours in Accounts. Besides, Department of Computer Education has been established which provides teaching for two self-financing certificate courses viz. (1) Computer Literacy Course of 3 Months duration and (2) Computer certificate course of 6 months duration. The college has also introduced two Diploma Courses in Collaboration with NIIT and Computer Zone viz.(1) Diploma in Computer Programming and Application ( One Year Course ) and (2) Honours in Web-Application (One Year Course) .The college is going to introduce career oriented programmes sponsored by UGC in 9 subjects in (1). Journalism (2). Computer Application (3). Health care (4). Apiculture management (5). Tissue culture (6). Bio-fertilizer and Bio-pesticide (7). E-Commerce (8). Foreign Trade (9). Computer Maintenance.

Thus College maintains self-financing job oriented programme option. Further , Simple Sanskrit speaking course sponsored by the UGC has been introduced in the college . There is no Post-Graduate teaching.

The under-graduate programmes are of conventional nature . It is because, institution is working as a constituent unit of L.N.Mithila University, hence there is little scope for the college to frame its own syllabi. But few teachers of the college are the members of Board of Studies and Syllabus committee of different subjects of the University which enable them to work in curricula design, review and updating. The academic programmes of the college seem to be flexible with different subject-options for the students .
The college has taken a positive step in introducing career-oriented course on Computer application.

Criterion II : Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
Admission to the different courses of the college is based on the students academic records. Interaction between concern faculty members and students is encouraged to assess the student's knowledge and skill for concerned programmes.

The students are assessed through a terminal test examination. Besides , they are also assessed through home tasks and students-teachers interaction. To motivate the students group discussions, seminars and symposia are organized. To motivate the students lecture method is also supplemented by means of tutorial classes.

The teachers prepare teaching-plan for the academic session and accordingly they finish the course. Progress in teaching is monitored though concern HOD and extra classes are taken to finish the course.

The college has made innovative contribution to the teaching by introducing compact disc supported T.V. programmes to make good of the loss when faculty members of some departments, having inadequate staffs, proceeds on leave.

Development of Audio-Visual cassette and CD and group discussions has been initiated to develop interaction for personality development.

The college has its own T.V. and VCR system. Computers are sometimes used in teaching, while some departments arrange field study programmes.

The college has entered into an agreement with NIIT which has international linkages and collaboration in the sphere of computer web education.

The college has 52 permanent teachers and 6 part-time teachers. Out of 52 permanent teachers 32 are Ph.D degree holders. Out of 6 part-time teachers there are 6 Ph.D degree holders. The teachers are attending orientation and refresher courses of the concerned subjects.

Teachers are recruited on requision of the college to the University and from University to Bihar state University ( Constituent colleges) Service Commission , Patna . The Commission conducts written test and viva-voice.

The panel of names recommended by the commission are placed before Syndicate of the University for approval . On approval of the syndicate, appointments are made by the Vice-Chancellor. The college can appoint any part-time teachers on ad-hoc basis, as and when it is required. Payment of their salaries is met from college fund collected from the students.

Criterion III: Research Consultancy and Extension.
A good number of teachers have supervised Ph.D. works and some are also guiding the Ph.D. works. The teachers have also done their research works on research projects funded by the U.G.C. Teachers are encouraged by the college to conduct research by giving study-leave.

The teachers of the college use to participate in seminars, workshops, and symposia.

A research journal of life sciences is being edited by the staff member of Botany Department.

College has its extension activities such as community development, Environmental awareness, AIDS awareness, Health and hygiene awareness, social work, Adult education and Literacy. All these are conducted by the NSS Unit and other students of the college. The other extension activities like Medical camp and Blood donation camp are organized by N.C.C. unit of the college. Some staff members of the college are active participant in the literacy campaign and environmental awareness. A teacher of the college runs an NGO for environmental promotion and Makhana cultivation in the localities. College had organized a seminar on 'AIDS-Prevention and Cure' in August 2003.

Departmental seminar is conducted regularly. Besides, in college level seminars are held in which college students and staff members take part actively.

Criterion IV : Infrastructure and Learning Resources
Spread over in about (8.765 Acres) Marwari college Darbhanga is located in urban area which is the divisional headquaters of Darbhanga . The College has a good building with 4 Blocks containing Principal's chamber, college office, class rooms, laboratories, library , Departmental rooms, students common rooms, health care centre , canteen , sports centre , NCC office and a Hall.

The maintenance of infrastructure is done with the help of UGC and student fees and also to some extent of Government help particularly for buildings. Library and laboratories are maintained and modernized by the help of UGC grants. The College has spacious and well-ventilated classrooms and laboratories. There is a hostel for boys in the college, which is under renovation. The college library is with reading room and Book Bank facilities. It has nearly 28895 books. The library subscribes 19 journals/periodicals. The library remains opened on 6 working days of a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is an advisory committee of the library. Inter-library exchange system does not work in the college. The library does not have facilities of Reprography, Computers, audio and video. The college does not have a central computer facility. But there are 5 computers in the college.

The college has a playground for outdoor games. In students common room arrangements have been done for indoor games.

In the college there are TV system, VCR and Generator and these are used as and when required.

A health care unit is available for first Aid and emergency treatment. A doctor comes for the medical check-up of the students twice a week.

The grievance redressal mechanism works in the college. A complaint box is set up. The Principal and his advisory committee look into the complaints.

Some portions of the college are heavily damaged due to devastating flood of the last year.

Criterion V : Students support and Progression
The college publishes updated calendar reflecting various courses offered, eligibility criteria, fee structure, different societies and councils.

The majority students are of the state of Bihar. A few students of Nepal have taken admission in this college.

The pass percentage of student is 82.5%. The drop out rate is 5%. The needy students receive merit-cum-poverty scholarship and SC/ST students also receive scholarship.

The College tries to provide a variety of recreational facilities to the students in the campus.

The college is yet to introduce career counseling cell or Employment placement cell moving in the direction of employments of the students. But the teachers use to provide suggestions to the students for the career counselling and placement.

Policies and criteria of admissions are made clear to students through college Calendar.

The college publishes a magazine annually.

Criterion VI : Organization and Management
As the college is a constituent unit of L.N.Mithila University, there is no governning body of the college.

The college has different committees like Routine committee, Students grievance cell , Admission Committees, Free studentship committee, Library Committee, Sports committee, Cultural Committee, Examination committee , Magazine committee, Discipline committee, Retirement and Arrears cell, Building committee, Purchase committee, Development committee and Teacher's Council. These committees ensure decentralization and transparency of administration.

The fee structure (Tuition fee) per month is as follows: B.Sc.Hons.- Rs. 11.75, BA and B.Com-Rs 10.75; for self- financing course the tuition fee for computer literacy course Rs. 2500/-, for Computer certificate course Rs. 5000/-, for DCPA Rs. 3600/- and for HWA- Rs. 4400/- .

The college prepares its own annual budget. In the last year 2003-2004, the receipt of the college was Rs. 23341423/- and expenditure of the college was Rs. 22713305/- .

Financial resources of the college came mainly from the Govt. through the University and student's fees.

The college has a system of internal audit. The University auditors at times when necessary come for the audit. But generally a Chartered Accountant appointed by the University does the audit work. No loan facilities are available to employees except for loans from their own Provident Fund.

The Principal has the responsibility of monitoring the performance of the non-teaching staff. There is no staff-development programme for training of the non-teaching staff.

Criterion VII : Healthy Practices
The PEER team has identified some good practices designed to improve the administration and academic performance of the college. These are listed below.

*The College has a democratic and participative administration. There are several committees with specific responsibilities relating to overall planning, admission of students, examination, extension work, cultural activities etc. The committees ensure transparency in the administration.

*The college runs with several self-financing courses, which not only strengthen the regular academic programmes but also impart value based education.

*Students of the college are disciplined and courteous. The college authority is taking bold steps to check indiscipline in the college.

*The teacher of this college are devoted for better performance of their students even though the teachers are less than required as per sanctioned post or in proportion to the number of students.

Section 3: Overall Analysis
The PEER Team, after going through the self-study report and after its visit to various academic and physical facilities, is impressed by the progress of the Marwari College imparting proper education which is the goal of the institution. The college has earned a reputation for a sense of discipline to the younger generation.

The PEER Team considers that there are a number of features of the Marwari College's approach to quality assurance and standards which would wish to commend. Also, the PEER team would like to bring to the attention of the college certain concerns for its consideration.

The PEER team would like to comment the institution for the following aspects :
*encouragement and the support by the University to the institution.

*dedication and commitment of the teaching and the non-teaching staff of the institution.

*effective leadership and good human relationship resulting in efficient team work.

*strict discipline maintained in the institution .
smooth functioning of the tutor-ward system even at a personal level that facilitates the monitoring of the students, on both academic and personal account

*the attempt to introduce some job-oriented courses in near future.

(b) Recommendations
Keeping in view the future plan of the institution the PEER team would suggest the following to the institution to consider .

*While the PEER team appreciates the overall mission of the college which is imparting quality education, the college should identify specific objectives and strategic plans to attend the same.

*The college may explore the possibilities of introducing more course options to increase flexibility in course combinations keeping in mind the latest trends and societal needs.

*Access to computers and student support services like placement cell, need to be established.

The administrative staff being well qualified, the college may train accordingly in the use of computers to discharge their duty effectively. Attempts may be made to fill up their vacant, but sanctioned post to increase efficiency.

Formal mechanism for collecting feedback from students on the various aspects of their learning experience at the departmental/ institutional level may be instituted.

The construction of a new hostel building for the lady students should be expediated to attract more girls from the distant village .The renovation of the boys hostel should be completed at the earliest.

The self-appraisal and other appraisal mechanism of teacher need to be formalized.

In order to widen the horizons of the teaching faculty, it is necessary that they devote more time to research activities.

More attention may be paid to improve the cleanliness of the college buildings and beautify the campus by maintaining some gardens.

Improving laboratory facilities in departments of Physics and Chemistry and establishment of a Botanical garden and an animal house may be considered seriously.

Recruiting more faculty in some departments, when their number is
depleted to almost zero is an urgent need.

The library needs to be computerized and renovation of reading room of library should be completed soon for its effective utilization.

The Psychology department, which is presently located in an unsafe
building may be shifted to the academy building.

Serious consideration may be given to the formation of an alumni

The PEER Team sincerely acknowledges the cooperation and support extended by the Principal, Teachers, Students, Staff members, Parents and Alumni. The Team notes with pleasure that in spite of several odds the college is making its best effort to keep pace with changing times to sustain the quality in its academic programmes. The PEER Team wishes that the Marwari College, Darbhanga will be able to realize fully its mission of imparting value-based higher education in the region in near future.
The PEER Team wishes the college a very bright future.

Prof.(Dr.) S.N.Behera (Chair Person)

Prof.(Dr.) Nihar Ranjan Patnaik

(Dr. R.K.Mishra)
Marwari College, Darbhanga, Bihar

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