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Bihar National College, Patna, Bihar


Bihar National College, Patna, Bihar
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Ashok Rajpath
Patna (District Patna)
Bihar, India

Bihar National College, Patna Bihar is a recognised institute / college. Bihar National College, Patna Bihar is also known as BN College.
Principal of Bihar National College, Patna Bihar is Dr Raj Kishore Prasad, P.K.Poddar (Mobile 9431492846).

Bihar National College is situated in Patna of Bihar state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Patna comes under Patna Tehsil, Patna District.

email ID(s) is Bihar National College Patna Bihar

Contact Details of Bihar National College, Patna Bihar are : Telephone: +91-612 2354776, 2300619, 2301565


Bihar National College, Patna Bihar runs course(s) in Degree stream(s).

Approval details: Bihar National College is affiliated with Patna University, Patna


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BN College cut off list for admission out (Bihar National College)
News: 30th June, 2014
BN College cut off list for admission out

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BBA Department locked (News)

Seminar on Beti Zindabad (News)

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BN College cut off list for admission out (News)

Media coverage of Bihar National College, Patna Bihar, Bihar

Lolita enacted in Patna

Lolita enacted in Patna They blackened his face and beat his paramour in the premises of a police station in Patna. But through all this, including suffering a suspension from his job, Matuknath Chaudhury and his lover Julie have stuck it out, making it the most controversial, media-covered romance of recent times.

He was 54 and she, just 22. He was then (2006) a professor of Hindi at BN College Patna, and she, his student, who helped him edit a Hindi magazine. But they were secretly in love. And his wife found out. What followed was first a murky drama, and then became a model of lovers commitment.

His wife told the police that he had been luring young girls with promises to give them high marks. But when the police arrested him from his house, he was with Julie, and both made it clear as daylight: they were madly in love with each other. And remember: extramarital affairs are not acceptable anywhere, and here were two lovers in highly conservative Bihar! The allegation of luring girls became dirty later on, when Matuknath told the media that his wife herself helped him lure girls, and indeed, she was the one who had helped him lure Julie, but he nevertheless proclaimed that his love for Julie was firm and final.

In March 2007, Matuknath and Julie in Patna went to watch the film Nishabd, on just such a relationship as theirs, and got himself some more muck on the face from an angry public.

Next month, working as guest editor of a magazine in Bhopal, he wrote, People do not accept that I am married and am old. They do not realise that in love, such things are immaterial! That, in fact, is what Lolita, the 1955 novel on the love between a professor and a 14-year-old girl, was all about, practically predicting the Matuknath-Julie affair!

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