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Dr Kotha Raghuramaiah Memorial Degree College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh


Dr Kotha Raghuramaiah Memorial Degree College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Duggirala, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Guntur (District Guntur)
Andhra Pradesh, India

Dr Kotha Raghuramaiah Memorial Degree College, Guntur Andhra Pradesh is a recognised institute / college.
Dr Kotha Raghuramaiah Memorial Degree College is situated in Guntur of Andhra Pradesh state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com.

Media coverage of Dr Kotha Raghuramaiah Memorial Degree College, Guntur Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh

NAAC report of Dr Kotha Raghuramaiah Memorial Degree College

Dr. Kotha Raghuramaiah Memorial Degree College,Guntur district, affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna Univesity, Nagarjuna nagar was established in 1981 in Duggirala, a rural interior village in Andhra Pradesh. The College is an aided college managed by a Committee and at present offers four programmes at the under graduate level. Altogether 339 students are enrolled for the B.A, B.Sc and B.Com courses offered in the college and 62% of the students belong to scheduled caste, schedule tribe and other backward communities. The B.A and B.Com programmes are coming under aided category and B.Sc programmes are offered under self financing category. The mission of the college is to create worthy citizens by providing holistic, qualitative and value based education and make them creative members of a global society with a vision 'to live and learn to love and serve'. The college is recognized under section 2(f) and 12B by the University Grants Commission on 05.01.1994. Though started as a private institution in 1981 in memory of Dr.Kotha Raghu Ramaiah, former Union Minister, Government of India, the Government of Andhra Pradesh recognized this as an aided college in 1990. As an affiliated college the rules and regulations and courses offered by the affiliating university are followed by the institution. However a few add-on courses are also provided by the college at present.

The Dr.K.R.R.M. Degree College offered for self assessment and accreditation and submitted a detailed Self-Study Report to the NAAC. Accordingly a peer team was constituted consisting of Prof.K.KunniKrishnan, Chairperson (Pro-vice chancellor, Kannur University, Kerala), Prof.M.S.Lalitha, Member(Professor of Education, University of Mysore) and Dr.S.Jeyabalan, Member Coordinator (Principal, Arulmigu Palaniandavar College of Arts & Culture, Palani) and the team visited the college on 26th and 27th March, 2007 as scheduled to verify and validate the claims made in the Self Study Report by the college.

The college is managed by Narayana Educational Society, Duggirala. The principal, members of the teaching staff, non-teaching staff, students, alumni and parents of the students of the college were present when the team visited the institution on the above dates. The peer team verified the contents and the claims made by the college. Interaction with the principal, members of governing body of the college, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, students and alumni were made by the peer team and the following status report is submitted to the NAAC with observations, comments and suggestions.

Criterion wise Analysis
Criterion - I : Curricular Aspects :
Goal Orientation
This college was established with a noble mission of 'Creating Worthy Citizens by providing holistic, qualitative, value based education and to make them creative members of global
society'. This is moving with a vision of 'Live and learn to love and serve'.

Being an affiliated college to Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, this college follows the University syllabus for humanities science and commerce. Add on Programmes develop skills and train the students for specific employment and self-employment and promote community orientation, introduction of courses like computer science and online examination system in english at UG level and language laboratory are the salient features of integration of ICT as part of curriculum. Curriculum is developed in such a way that English is one of the core subjects at III year UG level for all programmes. Subjects offered are Economics, Chemistry, Commerce, quantitative techniques, Computers, History, Indian Heritage and Culture, Science and Civilization. B.A and B.Com courses come under the aided category and the fee structure as allowed by the university and government of Andhra Pradesh are levied from the students. B.Sc programme and computer courses come under self financing category.

Admission process :
Admission process is transparent and about 62% of students come from the SC, ST., backward and other marginalized groups. The college prospectus gives full details of admission procedure, government scholarships available, and details of other financial assistance.

Curriculum development and programme option
The college is affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna Univesity and the syllabi, rules and regulations of the university are thus followed. The programme option is limited to four and the Arts and Commerce subjects are offered in the Telugu medium. The B.Sc in basic science and computer science are offered under self financing scheme in English medium.

The teaching infrastructure is satisfactory but definitely need improvement. The quality of teaching also can be made more dynamic and interactive by introduction of modern methodology.

Academic flexibility and feed back mechanism
The college has little freedom for academic flexibility as the university rules are being followed, however some efforts of flexibility are seen in offering additional programmes such as add-on courses and value based programmes. These efforts require further planning and strengthening at the academic component level. Feed back mechanism though practiced, is limited and require standardization. There are eleven permanent teachers and eight temporary teachers at present. The temporary teachers are paid by the management. The existing vacancies are to be filled up by the state government as many departments are functioning with single faculty only.

Criterion - II: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
The admission process is transparent. It is governed by the rules of reservation and guidelines of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Students are selected on the basis of merit of academic record and that list is displayed on notice board. Bridge courses are offered to the new entrants to acquaint with information on the subjects English, Computer Science and Commerce.

Efforts for remedial coaching is made for the academically backward and students of disadvantaged communities. As the annual system of examination method is followed, the annual academic plan is prepared by the entire department in the beginning of the academic year as revealed in the records. Lecture method is mainly followed and some efforts to use teaching aids are also evident but require further strengthening by the faculty. It would be desirable if learning environment in the class room is made moe dynamic my the introduction of OHP, models and charts, multimedia, interactive sessions and projects. Tutorial system and follow up action are reported by the teaching faculty an internal quality cell is also functioning in the college.

Teacher quality
Three teachers have Ph.D and five have M.Phil at present. Faculty members are making efforts to acquire higher degrees as reported. Two members serve in the board of studies of nearby autonomous college. Few publications and presentations in national seminars, workshops are also reported by the faculty members. It would be desirable if the teachers take extra effort and contribute to the academic and research activities by taking up academic assignments research programmes etc. New programmes at under graduate level and post graduate level also may also be considered in a time bound manner.

Criterion - III : Research, Consultancy and Extension
Three teachers possess Ph.D and two teachers have registered for M.Phil degree. Three research publications are reported. The faculty members are yet to take up any minor or major research project. As an under graduate college offering limited programmes there is very little scope for research at present. Linkage with industry and research organizations are also marginal.

The teachers and students of the college are involved in extension activities and community service programmes. Several camps, awareness programmes etc., are conducted as reported.

Criterion - IV : Infrastructure and Learning resources
The college is situated in a area of 7.5acre campus. The built in area is just sufficient for the class rooms, laboratory, library and other facilities. There is a ladies room and a newly constructed women's hostel under financial assistance of Rs.15,00,000/- from the U.G.C. The library has a stack room, reading room and open access to the students. There are nearly 6,600 books in the library and it is desirable to computerize the library facility as the college at present has a full computer laboratory. Internet facility in a limited way is available in the college.

The computer centre has 24 nodes and a server which is sufficient to train the computer B.Sc students. Further, back up facility and infrastructure for language laboratory are required. Efforts are being taken to strengthen the computer facilities at present. However more planning and investment are required to strengthen the courses.

The buildings are maintained properly and facilities are adequate to meet the present demands. A compound wall or fencing is required to demark the college campus. A career guidance cell, canteen, N.S.S are also functioning in the college. N.C.C. is not available at present.

Criterion - V : Students support and Progression
The students strength at present is 319. and 60% the belong to backward communities and schedule caste and schedule tribe groups. The women student representation is quite satisfactory. Government scholarships and financial assistance by management are provided to the students. The student progression, as evident in the university examination result is encouraging. Students are provided with remedial programmes, add-on courses and a women empowerment cell, career counseling, other co-curricular activities. Special coaching for SC, ST students are conducted. Good facilities for physical education are provided. A twelve station Gymnasium is available to the students apart from other recreation facilities. Students have got adequate representation in the university level sports meet.

Criterion - VI : Organization and Management
The principal is the central administrative authority and responsible for the decisions. University, government rules are followed in academic and administrative matters. The management takes an active involvement in the development and future plans of the college. Efforts are seen in mobilization of resources for the development of infrastructure and student support. Internal Quality cell monitor academic programmes and several committees are constituted to oversee academic and co-curricular activities. There is participation from one representative of teachers and a university representative in the governing body of the college. The president and the secretary and other members take interest in the overall development of the college as seen by their efforts. The alumni and parent teachers association can make a positive and constructive effort for the development of the college. In the man power planning, the management has taken efforts to engage temporary teachers in many departments where there are vacancies.

Criterion - VII : Healthy Practices
In the total quality management and efforts to achieve the goals and objectives some efforts are taken by the college, management, staff and students. However more systematic efforts and action programmes are required. The facilities and infrastructure and teaching practices require improvement and organized efforts from all concerned are required. As an affiliating institution there is very little room for innovation. Value based education is now offered which provides for acquisition of social responsibilities and citizenship roles. The co-curricular activities and positive involvement of the students in community services is a positive gesture which is to be supported and encourage by the teachers further.

Overall development and Suggestions and Recommendations
The college is situated in a rural agricultural setup. The admission process is transparent and provides opportunity for higher education to the marginalized backward communities. The management takes effort to improve the infrastructural facilities and programme options. Facilities for co-curricular activities are also available.

Based on the interaction with all concerned the committee make the following recommendations and suggestions.

The college may go for strengthening of infrastructural facilities.

A compound wall/fencing is essential

Laboratory facilities may be expanded

Computer facility needs further strengthening

A common assembly hall may be provided at the earliest

Staff development programmes may be initiated and teachers may be encouraged to apply for minor research programmes from funding agencies such as U.G.C.

The language laboratory may be strengthened to provide language skills to teachers and students in a time bound manner

The alumni of the college may go for a website and play a constructive role in the development of the college

Students facilities may be further enhanced

New programmes at under graduate level and post graduate level which are life skill oriented may be started

The peer team place on record the co-operation and support extended by the management and the secretary of the college, the principal and staff members and the NAAC coordinating team.

Professor K.Kunhi Krishnan - Chairperson

Professor M.S.Lalitha - Member

Dr.S.Jeyabalan - Member Coordinator

D.Prabhakara Rao


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